Senator Sanders suggested that Democrats must force a vote to get $15, Minimum Wage. To ignore the Senate's denial of increased wages as a Senate ruling blocks it.

Sanders Mulls about Defying Parliamentarianism

The Democrat's proposed wage hike did not fare well and was defeated on the floor. But the senator is not dissuaded because he intends to push his socialist agenda.

According to reports, last Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that DEMS should just trash the Senate parliamentarian ruling and force a vote on it. He intends to add the minimum wage of $15 into the pandemic relief bill, reported the Epoch Times. Allegedly, not all Democrats agree with the minimum wage, and everyone is not on board with it.

The Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth Macdonough gave a ruling last week that the minimum wage will not be included in the budget reconciliation process. Democrats are trying to push a $1.9 trillion relief package through a partisan, not bipartisan, path.

Sander is a Democrat socialist whose personal views concern how a Senate staffer, a high-ranking staffer, decides how Americans will get their pay hike. A right decision must be made to get it, and no one else decides who gets it. The decision of the parliamentarian is not correct,said Sanders.

He added that the budget reconciliation process is not part of the Republican filibuster in the Senate. The Democrats want to push what they want without the Republicans' vote. If the minimum wage was mandated for reconciliation and always depend on the Senate rules' limit, that can be bypassed by force vote to get $15 minimum wage

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Sanders wanted to get an end of the legislative filibuster that blocks the longstanding Senate rule, ensuring bipartisanship in the Senate. He added that what happened to working families should be a reason to end the filibuster. He accused those blocking the wage hike of deciding for the American people. He stressed there would be a vote to decide the minimum wage.

The senator added that a vote on the wage issue would be called and move from there. If it doesn't work, he'll try again until he gets it.

Senator Joe Manchin talked to reporters last Monday. He stated the filibuster is needed in the Senate and the House. He refused even to consider ending the filibuster.

Like Sanders, other DEMs were interested in removing the filibuster and the parliamentary to make it easy to pass bills. Last elections, Joe Biden, was asked if he will end the filibuster.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) chimed to support the overruling of both the parliamentarian and filibuster. But, Manchin cautioned such a drastic move to remove bipartisanship.

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki on February 28 shared that Biden still wants the wage hike done even after MacDonough declared the provision is not applicable in the budget reconciliation process. Psaki said that the White House would look for the best way to achieve the wage hike.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, if a force vote to get $15 minimum wage is rammed by the Democrats, a loss of jobs will happen. The Republicans call it a payout for DEMS supporters.

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