The Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer is a class of warship that is bigger than a frigate and heavily armed with a variety of weapons. They are part of carrier strike groups (CSGs) that protect aircraft carriers from threats.

Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer: Naval Multi-Tasker

It is a guided-missile destroyer that can do several missions when at sea, they can fight off an aerial attack, detect and destroy submarines underwater, and last to fight other ships with missiles or guns when engaged in a sea battle reported Military.

One of the innovations that fighting ships have from World War II is the development of the MK-41 Vertical Launch System (VLS) that replaces the main guns used in older warships. These warships have a variety of weapons for offensive and defense actions like the VLS.

Arleigh Burke's are major vessels that part of carrier strike groups, surface action groups, amphibious ready groups, and underway replenishment groups of the US Navy.

These destroyers (DDG 51) are replacement for older Charles F. Adams and Farragut class guided-missile destroyers, that are similar to bigger Ticonderoga-class cruisers. Compare to the size of the Ticonderoga, though smaller they are just as capable.

Another term for the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer is Aegis destroyers that have the DDG 51 built around the Aegis Weapon System (AWS) which is special to the type of radar. The AWS is made of the SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar, that connects all weapons to the Aegis radar. This system is one of the best systems mounted on any US Navy ship.

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The Arleigh Burke is made of steel and has three types, they are DDG 51-71, DDG 72-78, DDG 79 that are the major three types of missile destroyers, the Arleigh Burke flight III type is the latest of Burkes that started in 2013.

It uses gas turbine propulsion to push it in the water, with four electric gas turbines using a dual shaft design, a maximum speed of 30+ knots in open seas.

One of the variants, the Flight II (DDG 72-78) destroyers are helicopter hangers that can hold two MK III MH-60 helicopters, with a reinforced hull, electrical systems, with networking systems for equipment. The DDG 91-96 will have a Remote Mine-hunting System, it was first commissioned in 2000.

The ships are getting old and need to be modernized with various kinds of equipment that will improve older Arleigh Burke destroyers. DDG 51 destroyers will continue to provide multi-mission offensive and defensive capabilities, with the bonus of sea-based defense from ballistic missile threats.

MK-41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) systems are now capable of firing SM-3 missiles, and new versions of it.

Weapons of the Arleigh Burke

Onboard are the weapons used by missile destroyer, the are the Standard Missile (SM-2MR); Vertical Launch missiles, Tomahawks, anti-aircraft guns, Mk45 Gun (5-inches), Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile is mostly missiles.

The Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer is getting old and Flight III is getting less advanced, so the navy will need to look for newer classes to replace it. Its main weapon the VLS will get more missiles developed for it to compete against other navies.

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