The Ex-DNI John Ratcliffe said that President Biden is failing with foreign policy and making the wrong moves. It should not be the case, but since the Democrat president is giving up too much ground to US rivals.

Ex-DNI John Ratcliffe warns the President is failing

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, assessed the crumbling performance of President Biden as foreign policy is not tight compared to the Trump administration, reported Newsmax.

There have been recent events like the meeting with China and the incident wherein Putin mocked Biden by challenging him to a turned-down debate. News of his perceived cognitive decline is not seen as well, thus the pressures of US adversaries seeing Trump gone is a significant factor.

On Fox News, "Life, Liberty & Levin," last Sunday night, Ratcliffe laid bare what worries him most. He said according to his close friend Robert Gates, Joe Biden is always wrong on national security and foreign policy decision with no-fail for 40 years. Gates served as the secretary of defense during the Obama administration. 

Ex-DNI John Ratcliffe was quoted directly on what he thought of the poor decision-making of Biden"It's one problem to be wrong as a senator or vice president of the United States, but he's the president of the United States, and he's really early on reflecting that he's already making those wrong choices when it comes to our national security and foreign policy, and foreign leaders see that and take advantage of it."

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One example is the unwise choice of messing with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He added that Biden talks too much with no action, he told Mark Levin.

Putin is ex-KGB, but he challenged the Obama-Biden administration by robbing Crimea and made Obama decide what he'll do next. He's pushing the President's buttons, probing and testing the new President. His assessment will make a big difference in how the US will be perceived.

Ratcliffe said that Putin would see how far the US will go and all world leaders. This is a significant change from how Trump was perceived.

A contrast was made, and he concluded that his peers well-respected ex-President Trump, with "peace through strength." He calls the Biden administration pure chaos and weak as seen in the way most world leaders discount the US now.

The ex-DNI chief mentioned the mess at the US borders. He said it's reflective of the chaos in the Middle East or Ukraine or the straits outside of China, stressing a problem with the White House and its Oval Office. It is reflecting the dismal decisions that will degrade foreign policy.

Ex-DNI John Ratcliffe  made a scathing assessment that the President does not care for America, and he's sinking its image very low. He said that in two years, things should change, and making use of the failures of the Biden Administration show how President Trump got it right.

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