The Republican Governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, approved a document that makes his state a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. It effectively ignored attempts by the Biden administration to make a gun grab from law-abiding gun owners.

Second Amendment rights assaulted by Democrats

Nebraska is one of the states denying the fear-mongering of the Biden administration, saying it supports gun ownership and gun right as enshrined by the second, reported the Epoch Times.

He said that Nebraska always supports gun ownership and gun rights guaranteed by the second while signing the document in an event. He was quoted to say, "As a symbol of that support, I am signing a proclamation declaring Nebraska a Second Amendment Sanctuary State, and with my signature, it will become official."

By the time the governor signed the declaration, several counties in Nebraska are already sanctuaries for the Second.

The Republicans of Nebraska have attacked the administration's proposed gun control that took advantage of mass shootings to attempt a gun grab on gun owners. Simultaneously, President Biden made unconnected claims contested as chipping away on the constitutional right to bear arms.

A week ago, President Joe Biden had several executive orders that gave vague reference to 'ghost guns' and red flag legislation that infringed on gun ownership, giving special mention to stabilizer braces that the National Firearms Act will regulate.

House Democrats passed two gun measures that are partisan without GOP participation on more background checks. Republican senators pushed back against what was deemed unconstitutional and against the Second Amendment; they would block what is seen as another assault on the constitution.

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Many argue that the Democrats are taking away protection from law-abiding citizens intentionally. Other citizens have openly challenged the measures and mocked the President for his toothless attempts at gun control that will benefit lawless elements.

According to Governor Rickett in Tweet, he denounced the White House and U.S. Congress for going after gun owners that is not in the scope of the orders or bill issued by the Democrats. He called a federal overreach and unlawful gun grabs that are unacceptable to gun owners who follow the law.

In Utah, early this month, their deputies in Cache County said they wouldn't acknowledge the White house orders that violate Americans' gun rights. Sheriff D. Chad Jensen stated that Cache county would not allow the federal government to enforce its repressive laws.

On April 9, Sheriff Jensen said that he would support gun laws to prevent and penalize guns used for crimes. He adds that deter criminals from possessing firearms is the goal, not take it away from those protecting themselves.

The White House is still guilty of overreaching and using issues not connected to gun violence to justify its actions.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that President Biden would press the issue and give more executive orders. Despite what the President says, he has attacked the Second Amendment that is every American's right to bear arms, even saying that no Amendment is absolute bristling conservatives more.

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