Senator Bernie Sanders, the Senate Budget Committee chairman said that he wants to convince Joe Manchin on party-line voting. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is one of the respected Democrats who are against the increase of minimum wage.

The Democrats failed to pass the wage hike because Manchin did not agree with it like the Republicans who opposed it because of the ill-economic effects it might bring.

Bernie Sanders still wants the wage hike

According to the Democratic caucus, as they are 50-50 in seats to the Republican senators, Sanders is part of the ruling party. Despite this, the Democrats have a slim lead with Vice President Kamala Harris, as the tiebreaker, reported by CNN through MSN.

Sanders offers several statements about the passing of the $1.9 trillion relief package.

"We're both heading in the same direction. We won't be able to get anything we want. That is simply the reality; everyone can refuse", Bernie Sanders stated his opinion.

"But, for the time being, I believe we are making progress. We're going to drive it as far as we can, and I'm proud of the direction we're heading in."

Senator Sanders guested on MSNBC's The Mehdi Hasan Show and was asked several questions. The show was aired on April 5.

Since Bernie Sanders has duties in the Budget Committee, the host asked if bills should be passed with House Democrats ruling Congress with more force and influence. He answered that it's the president's job to deal with passing important bills. He mentioned that getting the $1.9 trillion relief package signed into law is very significant for the White House. President Biden called it a relevant bill specifically for the working class, in recent times.

Democrats Fail to Unite Over Passing the $15 Minimum Wage, Next Step Remains Unknown

Mehdi Hasan, the host, asked should Biden pressure West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to reverse his conservative ways and follow the party. In that way, he could back progressive Democrat policies, not vote against them.

Manchin is only among seven Democrats who preferred an $11 wage hike, which is less shocking to the economy. Most of the ruling party on Capitol Hill want the $15 per hour pay hike. Due to the seven votes against it, it did not pass.

The West Virginia Senator Manchin stated in March his thoughts on Sen. Sanders's proposal. He was quoted,"I think that every Republican wants to raise the minimum wage. Everyone's just not in sync with Bernie Sanders at $15."

It can be remembered that Manchin is also one of the conservative Democrats who voted against major bills like ending the filibuster and also objected to the corporate tax rate of 28 percent.

The Democrat does not support 'Medicare for All' by Sanders as his signature presidential campaign issue. He said if Sanders were to win the Democratic presidential nomination, he would not support him over Donald Trump. Manchin's conservatism is different from Sanders who is an avowed socialist.

Sanders promised to campaign in West Virginia and "rally working people there against Senator Manchin" in his home state, as Mehdi Hasan stated it

One of Hasan's last questions to Senator Bernie Sanders was if president Biden should visit Manchin to back their progressive agenda. Sanders said it was not easy to assemble the Democratic caucus, saying he would visit West Virginia to convince the conservative Democrat to make a point.

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