Georgia Republicans are furious over the statement of Coke CEO over the newly passed voter law. They are suggesting to ban Cola-Cola products as retaliation for the beverage companies' actions.

Soon after the lawmakers voted the bill as official, the Biden administration was against it. They supported suppressive actions against voter reforms laws because it did not suit the Democrats' Georgia GOP in fighting mode.

Georgia Republicans say ban Cola Cola products for Woke retaliation

Answering the need for much needed voter reform in the state of Georgia after the 2020 elections, a newly enacted election law was passed. According to reports on April 3, eight Republican lawmakers issued letters to Kevin Perry, president and CEO of the Georgia Beverage Association demanding Coke beverages be removed from Georgia state offices, as reported by the Epoch Times.

The contents of the letter sent to Coca Cola CEO said these words that condemned its support of Woke and canceled culture.

"We have a duty to the entire state of Georgia not to participate in those misplaced intentions, nor to continue to support businesses that do," says the governor.

"In light of Coke's decision to succumb to the pressures of an out-of-control cancel society, we respectfully request that all Coca-Cola Company goods be immediately excluded from our office suite."

Coca Cola joined the liberals in attempting to cancel Georgia in a campaign to overturn a legally passed election law. Furthermore, the lawmakers asked to ban Cola Cola products in an attempt to confuse Georgians to doubt the new voter law.

Georgia Bill Aims to Cancel No-Excuse Absentee Voting

The backlash continued as president Donald Trump called for Republicans and conservatives to boycott companies attempting to cancel the state of Georgia. Companies that charged the new election law as oppressive against voter's rights are Coca-Cola, Citibank, Major League Baseball (MLB), and Delta Airlines, following Democrat opposition to the passed bill.

Election Integrity is the goal of passing the Georgia election law. That was, according to liberals, very suppressive. Major League Baseball (MLB) threatened to move out its All-Star Game and 2021 draft to Atlanta for passing the bill. Georgia Republicans said they would reconsider reversing a pullout of Coke products, if they looked at the bill and accepted their mistake.

Election integrity is placing pressure on large companies to finally take a side on voting rights in the United States. After the Georgia voter reform law was passed, there had been some massive changes to voting regulations and procedures, even affecting absentee ballots.

Immediately the Democrats and civil rights activists say the bill will limit voting options for minority. As an answer, the Republicans clearly stated that the law will simplify vote counting, and correct problems like ballot harvesting. It does not restrict, but protects the rights of voters in the state.

The 95-page legislation makes plenty of changes to Georgia's election system, namely requiring photo or state-approved identification for absentee voting by mail as a requirement. The law also requires safe drop boxes to be placed inside early voting locations that are monitored closely, as well as expanding early voting across the state.

These changes are considered vital by Georgia Republicans to the new voter law. To ban Cola Cola products is a statement against companies against election integrity.

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