Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Sunday that he had experienced minor side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine after being administered the initial shot on Tuesday, according to the Interfax news agency. He reportedly woke up the next morning after the vaccination, and it appeared to him he felt a slight pain in muscles. He then took a thermometer, and it indicated his temperature was normal.

Putin Felt Side Effects After Vaccine Shot

This comes after the Russian president, known for releasing hyper-masculine photos of himself, enjoyed a weekend break to Siberia with Sergei Shoigu, his defense minister. Putin was filmed driving a military vehicle through a forest, eating an outdoor meal, and having drinks at a booth draped in animal skins. He was also admiring a piece of carved wood in the workshop of Shoigu.

Russia's novel coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V is widely available. This is as Europe grapples with a lack of vaccines. However, the nation's vaccination campaign has a trust problem among its citizens. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed Putin was administered his shot on March 23 with one of the three approved Russian vaccines, reported DW.

According to Putin, so far, Russian coronavirus vaccines have not had any severe registered side effects. Russia has made available three vaccines: EpiVacCorona, Sputnik V, and CoviVac, reported India Blooms.

Putin also reportedly had an uncomfortable feeling on the location of the administering of the vaccine. He did not reveal which of three Russian vaccines available he had received, indicating only the doctor who immunized him knows.

However, Putin stated all three Russian vaccines are nearly equal. In August 2020, Putin claimed a "world-first" through declaring the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine for use. The vaccine was Sputnik V.

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Sputnik V vaccine's launch in 2020 surprised the international community. It incited concerns regarding the research quality behind it. But interim results from a third phase trial published in UK medical journal "The Lancet" appeared to display it was safe and effective, reported Sky News.

According to Peskov, Putin does not like the idea of receiving the shot live on camera, like other world leaders who were vaccinated before him. There has been prevailing speculation in Russia on the reason why the Russian president was not the first in line to receive the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine after Russia launched its inoculation campaign in early December. Initially, Putin remarked he would not receive the shot because of his age. Then, it was because of conflict with his inoculation schedule.

Putin remarked regarding the Russian vaccines, "I know for a fact that people with serious chronic medical conditions are getting the vaccines and feeling well. At any rate, I am not aware of any serious side effect from any of the three vaccines that we have registered."

The Kremlin declared the Russian president's choice to get inoculated against the COVID-19 in December. It was because Putin remarked the delay was due to a need to merge it with other vaccines he planned to be administered.

Russia Says Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine Over 95% Effective