After being kicked off of major social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, Jason Miller stated that former President Donald Trump's social media comeback is coming by the end of spring, probably on a non-mainstream platform.

Trump's Social Media Comeback

Miller, Trump's senior advisor, stated in an episode of "The Interview," a Mediate podcast on Saturday that Trump's team is already having conversations with potentially brand new social media sites, and also existing sites. The conversations started since Trump's controversial ban and suspension on Facebook and Twitter after the January 6 Capitol riot.

Miller also stated that it will not be that long until Trump's social media comeback. He also added that it could be on platforms that people have not seen before. Miller also said that it is an exciting event that would probably shake the world of social media since anything that Trump touches becomes a big thing.

On the other hand, when he was asked if Trump believes that the mainstream social media platforms should invite him back, Miller stated that the former president will not shut his doors down on anything completely. He, however, noted that there is a very low probability of that happening at the moment.

In addition, Miller said that Jack Dorsey of Twitter will most probably close the platform's doors completely. But, he added that with Facebook, he said that they still intend to see what Mark Zuckerberg's views would be in April after an advisory board review with the site.

Back in January, it was announced by The Facebook Oversight Board that the platform would be accepting public feedback regarding the social media platform's suspension of Trump. According to The Verge, it was stated that the board would release a decision on Trump's case after 90 days since January 21.

On the other hand, back in February, Twitter executives have stressed that Trump's ban from the social media site is permanent and would still continue even if he runs for president again.

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Since leaving the White House almost two months ago, Trump has relatively kept a low profile, especially after being kicked off the major social media platforms.

He only made his first public appearance since the Biden administration took over the White House last month at the CPAClast. He has also issued several public statements and radio interviews in the past few weeks, Business Insider reported.

Miller also stated that the public statements that the former president issued are just a "temporary stopgap," until Trump's social media comeback. Moreover, Miller said that he was also discussing with Trump how he's actually had more pick up in the past couple of days of his public statements, compared to the numerous tweets that he released in his last days in the White House.

He also added that the press-releases have allowed Trump's team to add policy specifics. He also explained that the public statements are more detailed and fleshed out than the former president's tweet.

Miller was not able to provide more information on Trump's social media comeback, but he stated that it would be soon.

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