A warning by Republican Bill Hagerty reminded the Biden Administration that CPP intends to malign to get its ways. This comes after the Trump policy considers China an adversary, but Biden seems inclined to be lenient with China's recent statement.

From the Senators to the House members, many GOP members agree that China should not be allowed to get away scot-free. Especially the Biden administration that has yet to lean on the CCP hard.

One of these GOPS, Sen. Hagerty, declared that the Trump administration's gains should not be forgotten, especially by the Biden administration, which shows mixed signals regarding the malign intentions of CCP, reported the Epoch Times.

Hagerty was interviewed by NTD at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida. He said that China is predatory and too aggressive as its military forces itself in the Indo-Pacific Region. Their diplomacy is bullying to get what they want. Overall, the Chinese CCP is causing instability in that sector of the globe.

The senator indicated how Beijing uses force against Hong Kong and Taiwan, with Taiwan as an important ally. In the Indo-Pacific, China has been coercing other nations and illegally claiming parts of the South China Sea.

Hagerty said that the CCP has outmaneuvered Biden and got to jack up their aggression more. China is afraid of a united and strong America because the CCP won't fight normally. The CCP will use other methods to defeat the US but not with force. If the administration wavers, Beijing will move in.

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A Trump-less White House has emboldened China to be more audacious after January 20. Shortly after Trump's exit, China became bolder and more aggrandized to Taiwan further. Beijing claims Taiwan as its own land and even hinted at an invasion. No country except the US, India, Australia, and Japan called the QUAD would stand off the Indo-Pacific PLA.

Acting warlike, Beijing sent planes into the Taiwan air defense identification zone (ADIZ) to test its defenses. By bothering the island on March 2, sending a spy plane in the southwestern ADIZ of Taiwan. China has been sending planes often, said the Ministry of National Defense (Taiwan).

Not satisfied with threatening an invasion, China banned Taiwanese pineapple's export with the excuse some organisms can cause sickness. Sources say that Taiwan had 90% of all pineapple exports to China in 2020.

On February 28, Beijing arrested and charged 47 opposition figures accused of subversion with the pro-Beijing national security law. Many governments call the law evil and deplored by everyone.

Hagerty added that China stole territory and used might as the right approach. The PLA and PLAN occupy islands that are not theirs and place weapons on the stolen islands.

Intentionally occupying and building artificial islands to threaten sea lanes for trade, these installations control the sea and affect the trade that is not well-intentioned.

China, acting like an outlaw regime, will not concede its claims in the South China Sea. It is not valid according to the United Nations ruling at the Hague in 2016. 

In 2020, Trump told the CCP their claims are rejected. Republican Bill Hagerty said China should not be trusted; it wants to permanently disadvantage the United States.

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