GOP Cassidy, who voted to convict Trump, said that he wouldn't be nominated for GOP presidential candidate in 2024. He said this on CNN, which is one of the media outlets known to be always in favor of the liberals. 

A good number of Republicans are opposed to the ex-president and will do anything to stop him at this stage. Many of these establishments want a return to a status quo that is not acceptable to the American voter.

Censured for voting to convict in a sham trial

Last Sunday, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) said that contrary to what most Republicans think, former President Donald Trump would not be the top presidential pick in 2024. He spoke on CNN, which has always been criticizing him. The GOP member added that Trump, being 78 years old, is also an issue, reported the Epoch Times.

He alleged that it was Trump's fault that the GOP lost the House, the Senate, and the presidency. He said that all the misfortunes were attributable to the ex-president and no one else. He stressed that the candidate should do better and pull the entire party.

Other Republicans opposed Cassidy

This was not what another Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio said when he spoke on ABC's "This Week." He expressed the opposite of what GOP Cassidy said. He said Trump pushed the Republicans in so many ways. He cited the policies that made a big difference for the party, adding that Republicans did better.

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In the House with no GOP losing and 15 seats were gained unexpectedly, the Senate is also in better state.  There are more gains with statehouses in the hands of the GOP that the Louisiana Republican conveniently left out.

When asked, Cassidy did not comment on the fitness of Trump as president. He side-stepped by calling it theoretical and claims it won't happen.

During the impeachment trial, he chose to side with unconstitutional DEMs who charged Trump with insurrection but failed to convict him. A total of 43 GOPs opposed the Democrats who used manufactured evidence, and the supermajority was not reached to convict.

Seven Republicans are not in good terms with most of the party, and many were censured by their own state GOPs. Cassidy got burned by the Louisiana Republican Party after his vote. Before Sunday, he spoke about the issue two days earlier.

He told an outlet that the former president would not win the nomination in 2024. Speaking on the matter and refusing even to consider the possibility of it happening, he cited age, but Joe Biden is already 78 years old when he won controversially against Trump.

His statements were contradicted when Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is critical of Trump, said he'd support the ex-president should he get the nomination. One suggestion from the former president and private citizen is to deny the 10 who voted for conviction. In the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), Trump told everyone to boot those who sided with DEMS, including GOP Cassidy.

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