The king of the jungle, the symbol of strength and power, a fighter and a protector - this is all about the lion. The mighty beast inspires awe and admiration. It's no wonder that so many people opt for lion images as accessories and pieces of jewelry. But do you know that the lion as a symbol has many more meanings besides power? 

Lion jewelry is strongly associated with the qualities inherent in lions themselves. The predators are known for nobility, courage, justice, and self-confidence, and jewelry featuring their images conveys the same meanings. On top of that, a particular visualization of the lion can give it additional significance. For instance, a roaring beast tells about anger, aggression, fierce, and such things. A grinning lion on your finger may testify of your short-fused temper. But if a lion is depicted in a calm yet vigilant way, it is no longer an attacker, it becomes a protector. 

In this post, we've collected some of the most popular meanings of lions in jewelry - you might want to take a look at these to make sure your ring, pendant, or bracelet sends the right message.

1. Zodiac sign Leo

The most common reason why people get lion jewelry is that their zodiac sign is Leo. Indeed, the king of the jungle provides a visual representation of the astrological sign. In some sense, Leos are the rules of celestial jungles. 

If Leo is your zodiac sign, there is no need to come up with new meanings for your jewelry - the significance of the lion from the horoscope standpoint has already been determined. According to zodiac interpretations, Leo-Lions are warm-hearted, cheerful, strong, brave, loyal, and at the same time arrogant and haughty. If you accept these meanings, don't hesitate to flaunt jewelry featuring your sign. 

As for a visual representation of the lion, it is often combined with the Leo sign. Along with that, it is frequently seen alongside flames, stars, and the sun because Leo is a ruler of fiery elements.

2. Lion wearing a crown

Lions are rightful kings of the animal kingdom. We are used to calling them the kings of the jungles but let's face it - lions don't live in jungles. Their habitat is savannahs, grasslands, scrublands, and other places dominated by sands and rocks. But no matter where a lion lives, it commands the place. To convey the meaning of being in charge, lions are often depicted with a crown on their head. Just like any dignified ruler, a lion is strong, proud, and confident, and a crown is a way to emphasize its most regal qualities.

3. Name Leo

The astrological sign of Leo means 'lion', so does the name Leo. It won't be surprising to anyone that Leo is a Greek word for lion. If your parents named you Leo (Leonard(o), Leopold, Leon, etc.), you have every right to flaunt lion rings, pendants, and all that jazz. You should be proud of your name because it means bravery, strength, pride, and courage. If you are destined to have a lion on your side, do your best not to disappoint it. 

4. A standing lion

In heraldry, a lion standing on his feet and with his forepaws raised is called a rampant lion. You've surely seen this image on flags and coats of arms. It is featured on the Royal Banner of Scotland, the national coat of arms of Belgium, the coat of arms of Jerusalem, and many others. If you or your ancestors are from these places, or your family has a crest depicting a standing beast, rampant lion jewelry adorning your body is going to be not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Rampant lions are also known in Celtic mythology. It is a powerful symbol that combines in itself the strength of young people and the wisdom of elders.

5. Lioness

If you feel like a queen, you were born under the Leo sign, or your name is Leona, you have every right to be associated with the lion. Or, to be more exact, with its female version, the lioness. Lionesses are strong, independent, and fierce, just like their male partners. At the same time, they convey certain meanings uncharacteristic of lions. These are love for kids, self-sacrifice, teamwork, care, tenderness, and patience. In some cultures, lionesses also symbolize immortality.

More often than not, lioness jewelry is a choice of mothers who want to say that their children are everything to them. 

6. Chinese lion

Chinese lions or Buddha lions are one of the most prominent themes in Chinese culture and, simultaneously, a great idea for your jewelry. Unlike regular lion images that are strongly associated with power and dominance, Chinese lions symbolize protection.

Stone lions have traditionally been placed at the entrance to Chinese temples to protect them and their visitors from evil spirits. Today, if you choose Oriental-style lions for your ring, you as if say that a little bit of help from above would come very in handy.