In an attempt to encourage more people to get vaccinated, an Israeli bar offered its patrons free drinks when they get the COVID-19 vaccine as it doubled as a site for immunization, Thursday.

According to Israel's Health Ministry, at least 43% of the country's 9 million population have gotten at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer. However, health authorities are worried that the vaccination turnout may decrease as the country plans to reopen its economy.

Free Drinks for Vaccinees

While many bars in the country are still closed as a result of the pandemic, an Israeli bar in Tel Aviv known as Jenia Gastropub collaborated with the municipality in order to help in the vaccination. The bar opened its doors as a COVID-19 vaccination site and offered drinks on the house for those who will get the shot, Reuters reported.

In the pub, anyone can get the vaccine even without appointments. The vaccine is also free of charge and people who get it will earn a voucher for a free drink at the bar.

According to Sky News, the bar emphasized that because vaccinations do not mix well with alcohol, the vouchers can only be used for non-alcoholic drinks. Despite the limitation on the drinks, many people still came to the bar, got vaccinated, and enjoyed the place since they haven't been able to come to bars for a while.

One of the dozens of people who came to the Israeli bar, May Perez stated that the bar's "gimmick" was really a good opportunity to get the COVID-19 shot. She added that many people do not have the time and ability to go to other vaccination sites.

Reports also claim that in the past week, there was an alarming decrease in the vaccination rate among the younger demographic as they became eligible to get the shot. Since it has been hailed to have the most successful vaccine program globally, Israel is trying to find ways to encourage the youth to get vaccinated.

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In a statement by Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital's vaccination coordinator, Dr. Daniel Shepshelovich, he said that their main concern at the moment is to convince the younger people to get the shot. He also added that the rate of vaccination has gone concerningly slow which has alarmed health officials.

In connection to this, health officials from Israel have issued a warning to other countries that are yet to begin their COVID-19 vaccination that the younger generation may be more reluctant to get vaccinated. This is because the younger people either see COVID-19 as not a serious risk, or they are concerned about the legitimacy of the vaccine, Daily Mail reported.

In addition, an infectious disease expert from Sheba, the largest hospital in Israel, Professor Eyal Leshem has briefed the government of Scotland on the experience of Israel in the vaccination process.

Officials from Tel Aviv, where the Israeli bar which doubled as a vaccination site is located have also announced that they will be putting up mobile vaccination units in popular places in the city over the weekend.

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