The termination of Keystone Pipeline was slammed by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, calling its termination against American energy independence. It is stating that emphasizing renewable energy is a big mistake.

One of many state governors aired opposition to the termination of this critical infrastructure for U.S. energy. Last elections, he was asked what he would do, but this is the answer. So, now everyone knows.

 Anti-America moves by the White House

 According to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who strongly objected to Biden's executive order on the XL Pipeline's cancellation. Saying it was damaging to her state's economy and more of a kneecapping of America's energy independence. She added that the new administration, unlike the previous one, has a flawed energy policy to boot, reported the Epoch Times.

Governor Noem talked to Fox News last Wednesday that having multiple energy sources is crucial for energy production and availability. She shot back at Biden, who wants to stop coal, oil, and gas in his executive orders is dangerous for the long term. One of the reasons why Trump got support is the practicality that green energy is not reliable yet. But, the Democrats have built an agenda on pushing it.

She stressed that the USA's energy is essential and without dependence on other providers of crucial energy. She cited the government should support all energy production, not just green energy as the administration prefers. If several sources are available, then problems of other states will be avoided.

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 Mentioning that wind energy is a good alternative but unreliable as a significant investment. Instead of keeping a range of other options that provide electricity when needed, keep the power grid running. If the power goes out because of wrong sources, people will suffer.

Biden decides to kill U.S. energy independence

On January 20, the day he took office, he signed the infamous and ill-advised executive order approved by President Trump. It shut down the Keystone Pipeline project and sent aftershocks, even took away jobs and affected state economies. The administration claims it is avoiding the climate crisis, but many doubt that is the main reason.

The alleged claim by the administration that it will be a start of better opportunities was shot down by many lawmakers. Noem shot back that many have lost incomes and the oil industry allegedly sabotaged to give a Democratic agenda prominence. Many call his order misguided and unrealistic to punctuate its adverse effects.

Noem said that the canceled pipeline has affected jobs in her state, ripped communities that would have benefited the state. Infrastructure like pumping stations was already built, but the executive order stopped everything. Adding businesses that would have earned from workers lost possible income.

The pipeline is not environmentally unsafe.

The governor criticized that the pipeline will not be destructive for the environment because it transports oil safely and efficiently. If Biden would have allowed it, then oil gas would be cheaper.

One Democrat, Joe Manchin (West Virginia), sent a letter to the president on February 9 and said the Keystone Pipeline termination is a mistake. It would be the safest way to transport oil, gas to support American jobs for many. Many Democrats cheer for their energy agenda getting pushed by the White House, but many opposed the move as political.

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