Texas's state is in the grip of the worst winter storm, "Uri," which has taken lives. A huge power outage has left numerous homes without heat and more problems. 

Overwhelming cold weather freezes everything to a halt

In San Antonio, Texas, a follow-up winter storm ran over the southern United States on Wednesday. It added to the troubles where 18 people died, probably from the cold. Many of these households had no electricity, and millions had no power at home. Making things worse is less potable drinking water and food stores. These were the conditions that were in a report by The Washington Post on MSN.

Bad news came from the National Weather Service in a grim advisory last Wednesday, indicating more bad weather will compound Texas. Warnings that 100 million Americans in parts of the USA are under threat from extreme weather. For many Americans, the forecasted severe weather is not a good prospect, as south states are hobbled by extreme cold.

Reports say that storm was responsible for packing extra snow and ice in Texas, with other southern spots in the US. Mentioned areas were the Mississippi, Tennessee valleys last Wednesday, with movement to the Mid-Atlantic and New England,and residents in Louisiana, Arkansas, and central Tennessee added the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang.

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Big Chill in the south shuts power

Last Wednesday, there were 3 million customers in Texas freezing in the dark, cold afternoons, said poweroutages. It tracks all blackouts in the US and registers similar power outages in about nine states. These states that are having rolling blackouts are Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

However, the condition in any other state than Texas was less troublesome. Texas is suffering from irregular and disrupted water supply in several cities. Worse is restoring power to these cities will be days and other locations in the state.

Large-scale power outages have spurred investigations on what is the cause of the power grid shutdown. Many state officials are not sure and not taking total responsibility for it.

One of the reasons said Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is that wind turbine could not work and are frozen stiff. He told Fox News last Tuesday that renewables like wind and solar failed.

The governor explained that green energy is only a small factor in a bigger problem. He cited that natural gas that powered thermal plants stopped due to extreme cold. Abbot had qualms about green energy, but he kept quiet in a conference last Wednesday. He last said frozen wind farms are not the main problem.

ERCOT questioned Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was investigated by both Republican and Democrats slammed the body for failure to deal with snowstorm "Uri effectively." The operator said it would take weeks to restore power or resolve the problem.


 Abbot held ERCOT responsible and asked their officials to leave their posts. Democrat lawmakers cited five of the executives weren't Texans, the chair and vice-chair. But the officials, Uri is the worst winter storm, but the end is not in sight.

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