The New President of the United States declares that no family member will lobby for any government decision. It goes for all family members to avoid any compromises.

Biden declared that no one would profit or lobby for any decision for monetary gain in his term. This was his statement in a magazine interview.

According to the president, as reported by CNN, he said it would be like the Obama-Biden administration all over. Doing so will prevent any irregularities that might happen.

Biden added that this meant his family and even extended family relations would not be involved in government decisions of foreign policy. He stressed no one would have an office in the White House as well.

He said that he had not accepted any personal benefits supposed to be paid by the government during the interview. He pointed it out as his determination to avoid any improprieties.

He added an accountant told him that part of his expenses could be charged to the Senate, but he said no and explained that it was like the foul line in basketball, saying he will get no closer than 17 feet of it. He was calling it the public trust that mattered.

His statement follows as the White House said last Thursday to make it clear that any business had the support of Biden. It came about as his brother "Frank Biden" had an advertisement that improperly referenced the White House and Biden. His brother's ad tested the no-family-member idea.

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The ad was for a Boca Raton law firm that employs Frank Biden as an adviser even if he has no credentials related to it. The ad was run during inauguration day on the same day.

 Jen Psaki speaks for him

 According to Jen Psaki, White House press secretary last Friday, he is exerting every effort to make sure no funny business happens in his administration. However, he kept relatively silent when asked about the ad run by his brother.

 She kept silent on that point and added that no details about the presidential family would be discussed. In the end, no answer or clarification was given by Pensaki.

 Dealing with Hunter

 During the campaign period, Biden was asked repeatedly for a long time and evaded the issues raised against Hunter Biden. One of those issues is his involvement in Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company. In a talk show on ABC News, he claimed no wrongdoing in the affair. Hunter admitted it was poor decision-making on his part.

Connection to foreign entities snowballed on Biden, as Trump and others asked how the Biden family can compromise the government in such a way. Both Joe and Hunter weren't questioned in-depth about it.

Now, the White House says that no business will be connected to the Biden name, and pointed out to Trump as using the Oval Office. But those allegations were not given proof that needed, and Trump is already a prominent businessman too.

At this point, the Trumps are gone from the White House, and they worked as hard with many projects for everyday America. As Biden said, no family member will be around, as he puts it.

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