Kayleigh McEnany's comments on Biden's remark about children drew attacks online. Many of Biden's supporters are not tolerant of other's opinions.

Social media is not the right place for dissenting opinions like one's that concern the new president. But, during the former administration, this was not the case.

No middle ground for opinions

The former White House press secretary is under assault on social media for dissenting with Joe Biden's remark. He said that kids are much better than people, mentioning it during a town hall event reported MSN.

While getting interviewed by CNN, Biden told Anderson Cooper about his infant son, saying staying at home with the baby is better. McEnany commented on the event and is alleged to mock the new president on Twitter a bit later.

As a retort, she added before signing off the quote by Joe Biden. He said that everyone knows that he likes kids better than people. McEnany showed an emoji contemplating.

Attack on her opinion

Immediately liberal rode on the bandwagon to chastise her attitude during the town hall. One of her critics, lawyer NBC contributor Katie S. Phang wrote on Twitter that it was despicable and attacked her as a parent.

Another tweet from Actress Rosanna Arquette added to the unopen attitude to the express secretary's tweet. Arquette said that McEnaney is canceled and is powerless. She said brusquely to be gone, or a house would be dropped on the Trump supporter. Others, like writer Lesley Abravanel posted that Kayleigh McEnaney and her opinion is not worth listening to.

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Rachel Vindman, the wife of former Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, was one of the critical witnesses used to make a conviction stick in the first impeachment case against Trump. Vindman's wife said that McEnany is a sad and miserable person; she expressed contempt for her and the ex-president.

The Jesuit Catholic Priest Robert Ballecer tweeted about the Q Folk as her legacy. He was even saying that she was peppy and mistaken. He shared a clip during a February 2020 Fox Business appearance. One of Trump's critics, CNN's Jake Tapper, said that one of her co-workers said she wanted to mix up the Qanon crowd.

Rebuking the liberal assault on her tweet

The tweet issue is typical, and there's always dissent, but the liberals tend to discount conservatives and cancel them out. For all intents, it was a typical response, but intolerance with censorship is growing.

McEnany went on the offensive to Tapper's allegation and countered his arguments, saying her comment had no malice and it had no ill intent to it.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that is untrue that Trump is fighting against evil Democrats who are a party of evil. They accuse the Democrats of child sex trafficking, which is all conspiracy, nothing more. She Challenged Tapper to name a source before tweeting such nonsense.

The ex-WH press secretary clarified that the tweet was a bizarre quote coming from Biden. It shows how his policies have dehumanized life with these flawed decisions. Kayleigh McEnany also served in the Trump campaign and believed in the Trump crusade against election fraud.

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