A baby giraffe recently arrived into the world at Nashville Zoo, notwithstanding delivery complications. However, its first-time mother reportedly stepped on it by accident. The newborn giraffe, whose name the zoo did not reveal, eventually died.

Newborn Giraffe Dies After Being Stepped on by Mother

The Nashville Zoo is grieving the loss of the newborn giraffe anticipated by people across the globe.

The zoo stated that the calf died briefly after its birth after being stepped on by Nasha, her mother giraffe.

After declaring the birth, zookeepers noticed the calf was in agitation. A few moments afterward, they announced the dire loss, reported CNN.

According to the Nashville zoo, "We are heartbroken to announce that Nasha's calf died shortly after our birth announcement earlier today after the calf was accidentally stepped on by her mother. Our animal care team quickly intervened but were unsuccessful at saving the calf. An initial necropsy showed trauma to the neck but further testing will follow to determine if there were any underlying causes for the newborn's death. Thank you all for your support over the past few weeks and especially during this tough time."
Numerous people reportedly witnessed the calf's birth live-streamed on WKRN and the zoo's page called "Baby Boom."

According to Rick Schwartz, Nashville Zoo's president, and CEO, in a blog post, "We are devastated over the loss of Nasha's calf. Our staff has worked tirelessly to make sure this calf was given the best possible care." They reportedly moved from fear of a stillborn to joy of revival and then to agony, reported The Charlotte Observer.

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Nasha was not developing adequately with her delivery. Thus, medical intervention was required. With the aid of Dr. Matthew DeLisle from Tennessee Equine Hospital, the veterinary of the Tennessee zoo team successfully delivered the newborn.

According to Dr. Heather Schwartz, Nashville Zoo's Director of Veterinary Medicine, when they moved the newborn to be with her mother and when the two bonded, Nasha may have inadvertently injured her newborn. The giraffe keepers noticed the calf was reeling from the pain. The animal care team had to cooperate but was not successful in saving the newborn's life, reported KRON 4.

Previously, zookeepers remarked they had transferred the baby giraffe to be with her mother and that the pair had been bonding. During this time, the mother giraffe may have injured her calf.

The mother is a Masai giraffe that was formerly the most populous variant of the species. Today, it numbers an estimated 35,000, which is a stark contrast from 71,000 three decades ago.

This time, the newborn giraffe could not be saved. The zoo said initial necropsy displayed trauma to the neck. Further testing will follow to check if there were underlying causes for the baby giraffe's death.

The zoo said Nasha is doing well, and giraffe keepers will be giving a large amount of comfort and care for the following days.

Birth complications had resulted in the zoo taking down the live feed amid the birthing process as thousands watched.

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