Alan Dershowitz called the impeachment process a sham because the Democrats violated the Constitution. Calling the attempts as no merit because it is politically biased as well.The second time that Trump is impeached, just like the first, there were questions on how valid they were.

Democrats Violated the Constitution Six Times 

According to respected Harvard Law, professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz called the second impeachment by House DEMS illegal. Previously Mitch McConnell said there are rules, but the DEMS went ahead. It is ill-advised with the president leaving on January 20, reported the Epoch Times.

 Dershowitz stated that the DEMS violated six independent points cited in the US Constitution, setting a precedent when laws are not followed to suit ends.

 The conservative media Newsmax interviewed the Law professor emeritus, who clarified why the DEMS was mistaken. He cited they violated the free speech provision and twisted how they interpreted the impeachment criteria.

 To aggravate how the DEMS violated the president's rights included the bill of attainder, and defiled due process, and so forth. Overall, the impeaching of Trump is unconstitutional and attempts the last swipe before he leaves the White House.

 Dershowitz commented what law allowed the House to impeach him, for a constitutionally protected right. If any rights were trampled, it is the president's based on colored motives, and the Constitution is clear.

Alan Dershowitz added that the law protects the House Democrats from anything they do on the Senate floor. No one is above the law, and Congress members are immune to its questionable actions, even breaking the impeachment process.

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On the show, he told host Carl Higbie the rule that senators and congress members cannot be charged whether their actions are constitutional or not. They are immune from personal lawsuits while in office.

One way to sanction their action is to vote them out. Next is be charged in a public court. He said this in response to what is happening in Congress and the Senate.

 He added the Constitution is clear about the process, and impeachment is to remove a president. According to the Senate impeachment of Trump, on January 20, he is Citizen Trump. Anything else the Senate does is unlawful.

 In the single impeachment article, the House voted 232-197 for another run at impeaching the president. Trump was accused of "incitement of insurrection". All the DEMS and 10 GOP claimed that it was goading by him. Breaching the Capitol was his fault, not the alleged left that masqueraded as Trump supporters.

 Three presidents have been impeached; Trump is the third and first to get double impeachment. Dershowitz added no president was impeached and convicted, but the DEMS are not in line with the Constitution. Placing Trump on trial is unconstitutional and politically questionable.

 It is one of the fastest impeachments in history, took seven hours to decide for the DEMS when it was contrary to Mitch McConnell, who slammed shut the DEMS actions earlier.

Citing the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who choose Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who was linked to a "honey trap" via Fang Fang ( Chinese spy), is the impeachment manager.

 Despite legal opinions that impeaching Trump will violate the US Constitution, the DEMS say it is allowable.

Alan Dershowitz says the impeachment process is allowed if the president is in office, not after.

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