You've waited for weeks or even months for a vacation. Now that it's just a few days away, you're anxious to hit the road and leave your cares behind. The time has come to pack your bags and get ready for your much-needed trip. While you've picked out your outfits and gathered your toiletries, you can't help but wonder if something is missing from your luggage. Going on vacation without your favorite dress might dampen your mood a bit, but forgetting to pack these items listed below could alter your entire experience. 

License, Cash, & Cards

No matter where you're traveling to, you won't get far without a driver's license, cash, and essential cards. From identifying yourself to purchasing things during your trip, it's nearly impossible to do much without these items. Since you want to keep these things with you, ensure that they're in your pocketbook, wallet, backpack, or carry-on luggage. If you're traveling internationally, you'll also want to bring your passports with you. 

Medication and Medical Devices

Imagine getting miles away from home to realize that you've left your child's inhaler at home. While you may be able to find a doctor or pharmacy where you're going, there's no guarantee if or how quickly they can get the proper medication to soothe their asthma. Therefore, you want to ensure that you've had all prescriptions filled in advance and packed in your luggage before the trip. The same goes for medical devices ranging from glucose monitors for diabetics and breathing machines for travelers with sleep apnea. 

Batteries, Chargers, and Adapters

Most people are glued to their technology devices. Chances are you won't forget to grab your smartphone or laptop before leaving for vacation. Be that as it may, it's common to overlook things like batteries, chargers, and adapters. Once your devices die, you won't be able to do anything. Whether you're trying to download a confirmation email for your hotel reservation or listen to some music while waiting at the airport, completing certain tasks will be impossible without a power source. 


If you've pre purchased tickets to an event or activity, you don't want to leave these at home. Trying to prove to an establishment that you paid in advance without your confirmation number or ticket stub is challenging. While some tourist attractions are advanced and can accept digital tickets, other places need a printout. Not to mention if the wi-fi connection is weak or your battery is low, you won't be able to retrieve the information online. 

Child Carrier, Stroller, or Harness

When traveling with younger children, you don't want to leave home without a child carrier, stroller, or harness. Babies and toddlers either can't or get tired of walking and want to be picked up. Trying to carry them for several hours will leave you feeling drained. A carrier or stroller would allow you to give your kids a break without breaking yourself. A child harness is ideal for busy-bodies that like to roam away from the group. The harness goes around the child's torso connected to a strap. This strap gets fastened around your wrist to ensure you can keep a close eye on them. 

Comfortable Shoes

Forgetting to pack a pair of comfortable shoes for vacation may not seem like a big deal. That is until you decide to go for a hike, on a walking tour, or shopping in a downtown center. It won't be long before your feet are throbbing, and you need to take a break. As you tend to be more active on vacation, it's best to remember to pack some comfortable shoes like ballet flats or walking shoes for women

When it comes to packing for vacation, there are a lot of things to remember. While forgetting some steps might not throw things off, failing to pack the items listed above can stop your trip dead in its tracks. Do yourself and your travel companions a favor, and make sure you add this and other packing tips to a checklist to ensure you've dotted your eyes and crossed your tees.