Demands by Democrats in Congress for a Trump impeachment got no resignation or removal of Trump as the answer. Both agreed to stay and work until the end of the most prolific administration and one that has touched base with everyday Americans.

 Congress Democrats got snubbed by Vice President Mike Pence, who ignored their demand to out the President. He opted to decide for the better good instead of fostering divisiveness from other sectors.

 Pence instead opted to spend the final days of the administration to work with the outgoing President. After the Capitol incident, both are ready to give the outgoing administration a good send-off, according to a senior official said Bloomberg.

 Their discussion indicates that Trump intends to steward his administration to its last days. Despite the pressure to resign before January 20, he didn't. The next administration has to measure up to the track record of its predecessor.

 After the Capitol got stormed by rioters, alleged to be mostly supporters of the President, this is the first time they have discussed anything. Pence did not pull through during the Joint Session. The fallout from the chaos fuels his critics too.

 In the Oval Office, they agreed that his supporters did start the chaos when the Capitol was in turmoil. Despite the attempted smear on "America First" 's personality, their supporters will do work on behalf of America.

 The President and vice president had a good talk with plans on what to do in the final week of four years that put America first, said the source. They agreed there would no Trump impeachment, neither will there be a resignation or removal of Trump.

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Impeach the President

 The House Democrats' probes' battle cry failed to put the Republican President in a bad light, expecting Pence to decide to turn his back and allow a second impeachment. On Monday, the Democrat bid put the President on trial via a resolution that accused the chief executive of inciting insurrection-citing the evidence as to his speech on January 6.

Sources allege that Pence was mad at the President for allowing the chaos to ensue. This disturbance halted the counting of electoral votes, and the lawmakers had to leave abruptly. They later reconvened to declare that Trump did not get re-elected.

 Democrats were hoping that Pence will not side with the administration and use the 25th amendment to remove the President. Once invoked, a series of events empower officers to depower the commander in chief. But, the vice president just shut the door on the Democrats. A source said that Pence is in accordance with the DEMS demands.

A senior administration official account report says that no 25th Amendment or resignation will ever come about.

 Mark Meadow's of the vice president's office said that the official account of the meeting is verified, with those privies all accounted for.

 Details of the official and those privies to the talks in the Oval Office prefer anonymity.

 Democrat is sponsoring a resolution to vote over this week; they are forcing Pence to oust Trump. Moves for a Trump impeachment are ignored, and it is still no resignation or removal of Trump.

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