Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal and develop more advanced nuclear weapons systems. 

He also said that the fate of relations with the United States depends on whether it abandons its aggressive strategy.

Kim Jong Un Threatens US Government With More Advance Nuclear Weapons

During a crucial ruling party meeting this week, Kim Jong Un stated remarks put pressure on President-elect Joe Biden's incoming administration, who was dubbed Kim a "thug" and criticized President Donald Trump for his summits.

He stated, "In order to eliminate the nuclear threats from the U.S.," he started. "The government has made all possible efforts either through dialogue or in resort to the international law, " he emphasizes." Still, all ended in a vain effort," an essay written from North Korea state news says. Friday morning, a statement added about prospects for peace and in using an abbreviation for the country's official name. He said, "The only option left was to counter nuke with nuke." he continued. 

Kim directed officials to develop multi-warhead rockets, nuclear missiles launched underwater, spy satellites, and nuclear submarines.

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Friday's 5,000-word article documents the past of NK's grievances with the U.S., including South Korea. Both of these nations marked their allies and the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. But it draws more particular attention to the Trump administration, which, after a series of high-profile summits in 2017 and 2018 between the two leaders, boosted international hopes for a breakthrough with the Hermit Kingdom.

The development has stalled over disputes over North Korea's foreign sanctions. President Donald Trump's subsequent threats to cancel U.S. military exercises with South Korea, dubbed "war games" by both Kim and Trump, have only further provoked North Korean hostility after a pared-down version of the drills continued by the U.S. military late last year and this spring.

Kim didn't cite any particular U.S. provocative acts. North Korea has previously called an invasion rehearsal for routine U.S. military exercises with South Korea, but the allies have consistently denied that.

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Sophisticated weapons systems, which he said were under development, were identified by the North Korean leader. They include multi-warhead missiles, nuclear missiles fired underwater, long-range solid-fuel missiles, and surveillance. He also said North Korea must also advance precision attacks on targets in the 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles) range, an apparent reference to the U.S. mainland, and improve technology to create smaller nuclear warheads more conveniently placed on long-range missiles.

 North Korea's capability of developing such new systems is still uncertain. It's one of the most cloistered countries globally, and assessments of its nuclear and missile programs' exact status differ widely. In 2018, North Korea was reported to have up to 60 nuclear weapons, the South Korean government said.

 Kim faces what appears to be the most challenging moment of his nine-year rule due to blows to his already-fragile economy, pandemic-related border closures that have dramatically diminished the North's foreign trade, the spate of natural disasters last summer, and U.S.-led sanctions, the congress, the party's top decision-making body, is being held.

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