Boxing Legend turned Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao who initially placed P500,000 for the arrest of every individual who partied with flight attendant Christine Dacera before she died on New Year's day now refused to withdraw the money despite the current development in the case.

The boxer turned lawmaker also added that he just wants to clarify that the bounty was put up only to ensure that the individuals who were present during that night to the time that the body of the flight attendant was discovered will come forward and shed light regarding the incident.

Pacquiao also added that the individuals present should submit themselves to the investigating body by the authorities so that all of the people, especially the family of Christine will know what really happened on the night of the incident.

Reward Money to be Given to Victim's Family if Respondents Surrender

According to a statement coming from Pacquiao, the reward money will be converted as financial aid to the Dacera family as soon as every person of interest voluntarily surrenders to the investigators.

Pacquiao also added reward money will remain in order to trace other individuals possibly involved in the said case, The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Four among the persons of interest in the death of the 23-year-old flight attendant Dacera urged the boxing legend to recall the bounty on their heads as their legal counsel are saying that the imposed monetary reward by the Senator affects the safety and security of the gentlemen.

In an interview, Lawyer Mike Santiago shared that they are appealing for the recall of the bounty as there are unknown individuals who are following the persons of interest even outside of their homes, doing surveillance.

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Santiago also emphasized that his clients are undergone any interrogation or answer any question which is related to the case of also their friend Christine Dacera.

According to The Manila Times, Senator Pacquiao also mentioned that he is willing to help in ensuring the safety of the individuals who would volunteer to present themselves to the investigators to shed light on the death of the 23-year-old flight attendant

The boxer turned senator who hails from the victim's hometown, General Santos City also emphasized that he is ready to give security to the persons of interest as he believes just like the Dacera family, they just want to know the truth behind the death of Christine.

Pacquiao also added stating that the individuals should tell the public as to what really happened in the incident to dispel speculations regarding the case and he mentioned that there is no reason for them to fear if they're on the side of the truth, The Philippine Star reported.

Out of 10 men who partied with Dacera on December 31, four of them have already surrendered to the authorities and gave their interviews to the media, and stated that their friend Christine may have died due to natural cause.

Representative Eric Yap of the ACT-SIS Party-list, who like the boxing legend, also offered a P100,000 reward for any information regarding the suspects in the case also shared that there is no need to recall the bounty placed on the persons of its interest in the death of Dacera as it is now considered as moot and now off the table after they have presented themselves to the authorities.

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