Social media flooded with tributes and calls for justice after news about the rape-slay of a 23-year-old Filipina flight attendant surfaced.

On Monday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) filed charges of provisional rape with homicide against 11 people for the death of the flight attendant who died following a New Year's Eve party with her friends at a hotel room.

The victim was identified as Christine Angelica Dacera, a flight attendant for the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and hailed from the City of General Santos in the Philippines.

According to Philippine news outlet, The Inquirer, Dacera was found unconscious in an empty bathtub inside the hotel room where the New Year's Eve party with some of her friends took place.

She was declared dead later on after she was rushed to the hospital.

In a statement by Col. Harold Depositar, Chief of Makati City Police, the charge of provisional rape and homicide was filed against the 11 individuals who were with the victim at the time of her death. They were reportedly occupying two hotel rooms adjacent to each other in Makati city for the said New Year's party.

Moreover, Depositar clarified that the charges were only provisional since the office of the prosecutor is still awaiting the results of the toxicology report and autopsy findings on the victim. He further added that the said reports will be submitted by the Makati City police on Tuesday.

In addition, the police chief stated that out of the 11 suspects, only three have surfaced to face the charges while the other eight have made themselves scarce and are yet to show up.

In a report by The Daily Star, it was stated that Depositar noted that only three of the 11 suspects were friends with the victim and the others at the party were strangers to Dacera. He, however, stressed that everyone present at the party with Dacera.

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When asked about the basis of the charges of rape with homicide, the police chief stated that the initial assessment of the victim showed lacerations on her genitalia, as well as traces of sperm in the area.

He also noted that the victim also sustained contusions, bruises, and even scratches on her legs and arms.

While the initial cause of the 23-year-old's death was an aneurysm, which was thought to be natural, the police claim that there were several contributing factors that lead to her demise.

The Makati City Police was informed of Dacera's death by the Makati Medica Center where she was rushed on New Year's Day. A hotel staff alongside three of Dacera's friends were the ones who brought her to the hospital after finding her lying unconscious in the bathtub, The Sun reported.

Following the release of the news about Dacera's rape-slay case, social media erupted with people fuming with anger and calling for justice on Dacera's death.

Hashtags #JusticeforChristineDacera, #ProtectDrunkGirls, #StopVictimBlaming, and RAPE is RAPE trended on Twitter from Monday night until early Tuesday morning, Philippine Time, as people discuss the brutality of the crime on social media.

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