Human nature can be dark, and here are the best reasons why true crime is popular. These devoted crime podcasts attract those who have a fascination for the darker side.

 Why settle for ordinary news or stories when these dark tales of the human psyche are more attractive.

 Compared to the news and other genres, murder and crime hold a morbid appeal because it is the real deal. Podcasts about crimes and why men do these acts are abstract. But it seems to be a form of entertainment on a deeper level beyond words when explaining.

 It is customary (at least).

 Obsession with a crime is not deviant or abnormal, and it is just average. According to Dr. Michael Mantell, former chief psychologist of the San Diego Police Department, it is within normalcy and still mentally healthy. He said to NPR that crimes are a beneficial interest for several healthy psychological purposes. What is unusual is that if someone is wholly obsessed and can't think about it, it will be a red flag.

 Evil is more interesting.

 Some are normal, but evil is abstract and unpredictable because we are civilized, and committing a heinous act is against humanity. How does a murderer think, and why did he kill?

 The Author of the lost girls, Caitlin Rother, said that knowing why anyone is driven to tear the life from another person. How did it lead to the act of bloody murder or look into the mind of stone-cold killers. They knew how their twisted mind works to be prepared. Or they are free to act without moral limitations as the best reasons why True Crime is popular. 

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 Crime is always in the news.

 News reports always have a murder here and there just because it does happen. Violence is still in the news 24/7, and we are bombarded by media as well. Just like slaying someone and getting reported is like breathing air.

Now more than ever, crime interests people because the gory and macabre serves its brand of twisted entertainment. Even serial killers and murderers are celebrated like Jack the Ripper, or even Ted Bundy, whose murderous exploits are well known.

 Murder is the mirror that is opposite to what we are

Killers and those who take others' lives, like committing dark acts, are only done by a few. They are dark mirrors of the civilized majority acting in a civilized society. For those not inclined to dig the liver out of anyone, looking at how easily killers do it is like magnetic fascination.

 Knowing a killer mindset makes us prepared.

 Call these case studies and references how the human mind can go berserk and be at its darkest. Some would prefer to analyze and see how far a killer's mind goes to reason. This gives other people a window to look into what makes some people tickle. For some individuals, this gives a chance to avoid or keep away from such disturbed individuals.

 Better not to be a victim

 Stories of those who met these serial killers and maybe ending as a light snack (Hannibal Lecter) make others feel relieved too. These are the best reasons why True Crime is popular and why many find it very interesting.

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