After leaving Washington D.C., Donald Trump spent the last minutes of his term giving good tidings. When in Florida, he was greeted by supporters who, in his final moments as President, gave a resounding thumbs up that could be heard in Washington.

 The President left the White House before the next administration is sworn in. His leaving the Oval Office ends a tumultuous four years spent at the service of all Americans and America First. Trump said it was not the ending but the beginning.

 On his last departure from the White House, President Trump flew to West Palm Beach from DC and went to Joint Base Andrews located in Maryland. This is the last time he boarded Marine One and Airforce One in his last trip, before becoming Citizen Trump, reported NTD.

 On this day, many Trump supporters were lining streets to catch a glimpse of the Trump motorcade. This simple show of support from landing at the Mar-a-Lago resort was lively and showed genuine heartfelt support compared to the inauguration.

 For many Trump supporters, this is the last time they will be able to honor his time as a 45th president of the United States. For many, it was a homecoming of sorts but the start of something great.

 Anita Bargas went all the way from Texas and told WLPG that she wanted to thank him and appreciated all he's done for America.

 Another supporter, Iam Hedendal, said that it was somber, but seeing Trump is a celebration and a way to say welcome back, he added. Trump and his return to Florida is a big day for Trump Loyalists.

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 Daniel Rakus, a 65-year-old Palm Beach resident, is one of many who showed support to let him know he has their support. He told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He adds the President worked hard, and he did an excellent job.

 Rakus said that President Trump never failed them and his time in office is proof of that.

 Many Trump supporters saw a day of celebration of a problematic but fruitful four years despite the tangle of the Washington establishment.

Lisa Beche, 53, from Boca Raton, added that he is the best. According to her, in his four years in office, he listened to Americans and were heard.

Thomas Burgess, 35, told an outlet that Trump's presidency helped him get his life back. Saying that Trump's First Step Act was instrumental for his prison release in 2019. He was given eight years when caught selling cocaine.

 One of the recipients of Trump's presidential pardons, Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser, was in the crowd as well.

 Trump waved as he always has done to acknowledge his supporters during the motorcade. Like his rallies, proudly pro-Trump crowds were laid out several miles before the Palm Beach Island Bridge. So many were present that it was two or three deep in places.

 Trump is supported by the dozens showing their acknowledgment on the last day of his presidency.

Other supporters flew flags saying "Praying for Trump" and "Trump 4 ever my president." One person congratulates Tiffany Trump's engagement.

 But some signs from the next administration and anti-Trumpers were ignored in the crowd.

 Trump and his return to Mar-A-Lago in Florida is just rest for the long haul. He said that he'd be back and maybe 2024.

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