The suggested break-up of the National Security Agency (NSA) from Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) was slammed by the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. It does not follow the law, according to the report.

 Top Defense officials of a probable incoming administration are considering splitting the National Security Agency (NSA) from Cyber Command. It drew reactions from the House Armed Services Committee. Called the move something of great concern.

 Acting Department of Defense Secretary Christopher Miller got a terse letter from Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash saying that dividing the security command is not viable. He stressed that Congress has a right to decide on the matter because of the law. The move is not a popular one that came after the recent hack of Solar Winds, reported Fox News.

 These agencies are crucial as they work under the Department of Defense (DOD) that is part of the duties of four-star Gen. Paul M. Nakasone.

 Separation of the two agencies come before January 6. It is only one of the moves to rattle the Pentagon before the end of Trump's term.

Miller became the acting secretary early in November when Defense Secretary Mark Esper got replaced. Sources say that Esper was against the use of the Insurrection Act in the Leftist summer protest.

Miller changed the Pentagon roster with more pro-Trump officers and relieving 'Defeat ISIS Task Force' Christopher P. Maier earlier this month. American combat troops were sent home from the troubled Middle East and Africa early this month. The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee reiterated his stand as well on the issue.

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The letter condemned the move in the timing of the agency split and the replacements.

The letter addressed to Miller and Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that anything done to cut the dual-hat relationship on national security. He cited the cyberattack that may not be Russia nor Iran. It comes at a time when more concern over security is crucial.

Most Cybersecurity officials are concerned over the widespread breach to the top level of all federal agencies. Fears that American security is compromised, said the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of it.

How much information about the breach, was not revealed. Emphasis on the affected units and different entities is a cause of concern.

 An alert on Thursday informed the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) saying taking away the threat in compromised cyber-systems will not be easy.

Trump said that it is China's handiwork, not Russia as the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it a Russian siege. The Russian narrative is not accepted by Trump and said it was China doing every single attack.

On Twitter, he wrote that it is always that in the Lamestream. If it's about money and China is discounted. Overall, Russia has proven to be benign compared to malignant. He was not convinced it was a serious attack. The House Armed Services Committee still thinks the separation should be up for discussion.

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