Two years after the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, opened its doors for children to have a better education and a better future, the Los Angeles Lakers star, through his foundation, the LeBron James Family Foundation continues to invest in his hometown.

The LeBron James Family Foundation announced on Tuesday that they are planning to build House Three Thirty, which is a multipurpose community space. 

It will serve and provide resources such as financial health programming, indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces, and job training opportunities for the families in Akron who needs it, USA Today reported.

In his statement, LeBron James shared that their main goal in everything they do is to support and prepare their families for a better future, and the concept of House Three Thirty is the next step on their journey.

According to Sports Illustrated, James also stated that he is excited to open a space that will put everything that they want to offer for the community under only one roof. 

It will begin from getting them hands-on job training and financial guidance to having a space for events in the community to conduct safe physical activities, as it is what the community needs to grow. 

LeBron James said that he could not wait to see this come to life.

Akron's area code inspires the House Three Thirty, and it will be located in the Tangier, an area that is a renovated Akron landmark and event space situated three blocks from the I Promise School.

The said Multi-purpose facility is scheduled to open in 2022.

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Aside from the LeBron James Family Foundation, other organizations also offered a partnership with the foundation, including Dick's Sporting Goods, JPMorgan Chase, Old El Paso, and J.M. Smucker, as they want to provide services and resources to the families in the community.

By the time the House Three Thirty will be fully operational, community members can receive hands-on job training in retail and dining.

Based on the press release, the project will help families develop their business experience and target career opportunities.

The initial program of the foundation, the 'I Promise' program, already serves 1,500 students from Akron in various ways and through the I Promise School. Aside from free tuition, students also received bicycles, transportation, and meals to help them achieve their goal, finishing their education.

The Akron native later opened the Promise Village for families struggling, and in need of transitional housing, Forbes reported.

Aside from building the community in his hometown, LeBron James also continues to cement his legacy in the NBA by winning his fourth NBA title to become the only player in NBA history to be the Finals' MVP for three different franchises.

The upcoming season will be another milestone for LeBronJames's soon 18-year career in the NBA league as he is set to lead the Los Angeles Lakers in their title-defending season.

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