The 2020 Election, according to Gingrich, is equal to the elections of 1824 that disenfranchised Andrew Jackson. The ex-House speaker wrote this in a Friday tweet as the elections take a turn for the worst.

According to the former House speaker, as more data is retrieved from this confused oddball election. Adding the Election 2020 is a rehash of 1824 elections when it was one of the most chaotic elections until now.

For the most part, many Trump supporters gave a mantra for the elections to stop the steal. Unlike Andrew Jackson, the president gets another four more years, not lose them.

According to sources, the veteran politician asked his fellow Republican state legislators to read from Patrick Basham, senior fellow of the Cato Institute. One of the reasons why he suggested such a thing is that everything that Basham cited is what he called "ten peculiarities" about the November 3 election.

Factors that lowered the credibility are swing states stopping their counts abruptly on election night. Another is creating scenarios to kick out republican observers in the counting rooms for ballots. There are more votes than accounted for, especially the mail-in absentee votes. One more oddity is that the absentee ballot's rejection rare is so low, reported Breitbart.

Newt Gingrinch said that what Bashan wrote is precisely the scenario played out to endangering the elections. These five states where DEMS dominated have dubious election returns. He added Americans should be offended for their brazen actions. It seems that 2020 it shows the dark events of the election in 1834.

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President Trump and his legal team are fighting an uphill battle to keep the fight for the elections' integrity. His critics are unrelenting and will not give an inch, as Basham's observations are credible.

A week ago, the Trump campaign lawyers in press con last week when lawyer Jenna Ellis started their opening statement. Each one of the lawyers, that includes Sidney Powell, who is not representing the Trump team. At that time, all the lawyers present aspects of their cases covered in Breitbart beat.

Rudy Giuliani revealed that he had affidavits of brave Americans who stood up for the truth. According to him, many of them are genuinely interest in a clean and honest election.

 At one point during the press con, the ex-NYC mayor criticized the media for accusing the Trump team of not having enough evidence. Pointing out the press is not interested in the truth. He said the media was intentionally ignoring what they had. He told the news outfits should report the news, not suppress it. He revealed in the press con that evidence in hand was there, especially in Michigan, where many votes were taken from Trump. As proof, Giuliani said h had 200 affidavits.

Next on the itinerary to prove President Trump won in Arizona, he reportedly got a good number of votes but lost his lead overnight, like in Michigan and another statistically unusual place. They will be meeting with the Arizona legislator on Monday.

If Newt Gingrich says hold true, then this is the second coming of the 1824 elections, which should never be repeated ever again.

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