Another lawsuit filed by Attorney Sidney Powell requests that elections be invalidated with DEMS's collusion jeopardizing the 2020 Elections. She mentioned fraud committed to help Biden win over Trump.

 On Wednesday evening, Powell file a case in Georgia that alleged a massive election fraud is committed benefiting Biden's overall result in the November 3 election.

The suit charged and names Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State and Chair of the Georgia State Election Board Brad Raffensperger as the defendants, committing several violations of the American constitution to foist Biden's lead over legitimate votes for Trump.

 Instances are, citing fact witnesses, expert witnesses, and statistical impossibilities to shift Trump votes, reported Fox News.

A 104-page document said the scheme and means to alter the election results intentionally. To use this means to make sure Joe Biden wins the election by any means.

According to the suit against the results, those states have no adequate remedy under the law-requests all votes of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections put aside. The results show that Biden's assumed lead over Trump is 12,670 (0.25%), which is under questionable certification by election officers last Friday.

Information about Dominion and Smartmatic voting software has revealed that it has assisted the electoral victories of despots and dictators.

 In the complaint that cites, the election software and hardware purchase from Dominion Voting Systems Corp. is the first step to tampering with votes electronically. Its design and software features cannot tamper, said the maker.

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But the evidence was contrary to what is seen in the aftermath after DEMS bailiwicks decided to get it.

Despite the claims of a secure system, evidence points the security system had a backdoor to the internet. It is a flagrant violation of state and federal laws mentioned in the filed documents.

Georgia, the alleged hotbed of electoral fraud, got the Dominion voting machines and software in July 2019. Not all DEMS agreed to it, stated democrats who were headed by former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the voting machines could be tampered. Much so that Texas was not keen on getting it, but Georgia did.

Dominion answered Powell's diggings, told Fox News that she was mistaken.

One of the weaknesses in the Smartmatic system is the use of barcodes to override votes. Another is an internet backdoor that manipulates remotely, alleged the suit.

Georgia Irregularities

One of the rules is the State Election Board enacted in April. This allowed the state to process absentee ballots an odd three weeks before the November 3 elections. Including the allowed opening of the outer envelope. Powell called this a contradiction that violates a state law that allows the ballots opened on election day only. They were opened earlier. The suit says that this conflict was flagrant.

To bolster these claims were affidavits from Amanda Coleman and Maria Diedrich. Both Republican monitors that say have misgivings that the recount is flawed.

Powell states that an emergency order is granted to decertify the electoral votes. This includes ballots with no election code.

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