Diva Singer and Iconic 'Cher' is set to visit a zoo in Pakistan to say goodbye to Kaavan. After that, the 'world's loneliest elephant' is leaving the zoo for better conditions.

Elephants are one of the most complex mammals that equal humans in emotions; even lockdowns can be as depressive for elephants.

Animal rights activists over humanitarian concern for Kaavan successfully lobbied the elephant. His current address is a Pakistani zoo where conditions are less than ideal for an animal his size, reported AP News.

He might be one of the luckiest elephants alive because Cher will visit him. The elephant has been in mourning since the death of his mate.

The singer is known worldwide, so concerns over her safety and security are top on the list of her visit to Kaavan's corral in the zoo. Martin Bauer of Four Paws International said her visit itinerary would be known to a selected few. The Vienna-based animal welfare group has championed the elephant's freedom since.

Kavaan and his life story

Like many animals in captivity, he has languished for 35 years in conditions not ideal for Asian elephants. Veterinarians have checked and said he was overweight and malnourished early on in 2020.

He was suffering from mental problems after his mate's death and maybe the pandemic that affected pachyderms.

Cher is one of Kaavan's champions and was vocal about saving the elephant by transferring the giant pachyderm to another more natural setting. The Four Paws' impassioned cause includes taking the cudgels of zoo animals in need of 'humane' assistance.

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The medical treatment given by vets is done before Kaavan's trip. They have been lobbying for the world's loneliest elephant since 2016, with the help of Legendary Diva Cher.

According to Bauer, the involvement of Cher and local Pakistani activists added to the lobby pressure. Combined efforts gave Kaavan a new lease on life. Everyone onboard helps to make his transfer possible.

He added when the elephant is settled in Cambodia, followed by years of physical and psychological assistance to help reverse his stay's harmful effects.

It did not take long for Pakistan's high court to order the closure of Marghazar Zoo in the capital of Islamabad. Conditions in the zoo were bad, and Kaavan suffered colossal neglect living there for part of his 35-years.

In September, Kaavan got a medical examination that showed his nails got cracked and overgrown. An indicator that the zoo did not take care of its animals, including the elephant with damaged feet.

Like a human, he developed an odd mannerism of head-shaking that was done for hours. In captivity, his pachyderm psyche was impacted by the zoo's negligence; the vet specialist said that Kaavan was very bored and reacted like a human.

In the past three months, the Four Paws team, including veterinarian Dr. Amil Khalil with the Wildlife Management Board, are prepping for Kaavan's departure. Members of the animal welfare will go with him as escorts to his new life.

Diva Cher let her voice to a good cause, to send the world's loneliest elephant to a better place in a Cambodian elephant sanctuary.

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