This Thanks Giving, President Trump said that his administration has worked for the American people. In the last four years, the hard work has yielded COVID-19 vaccines and more work for all of America's working class. Despite the media not in favor of the current administration, it has not stopped the White House from doing what is needed. Even as the last days of Trump's presidency comes to a close, the Oval Office is still hard at work. This Thanksgiving, the rocky presidency of Trump is celebrating its success in more ways than one. Shadowed by forthcoming transition but still seeing the fruits of four years of hard work.From the beginning of the Trump Administration that was marred by many negative events, it never stopped. One of its goals is to make American's first abroad and in homeland America. On the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Tuesday, the president gave all who deserved their due thanks for Changing America from 2016 to what it is now, reported OANN.One of these benchmarks is the rising economic growth as Trump made measures to bring the money back to the working class. That has benefited more Americans, as more feel his administration has been consistent in its delivery. In 2020 when COVID-19 hit the entire world, even America became a victim of its relentless onslaught. He closed America so the virus cannot enter, but due to China and its complicity, a pandemic was inevitable. Nothing was known about it, but America had its doctors, nurses, health care workers who fought and died.Also read: President Trump: US Navy Destroyers to be Armed with New Hyper Fast MissilesCities were battlegrounds as the US government fought hand in hand with medical professionals. But, their hard work made a difference. He gives thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will be coming soon.Trump said that vaccines would here and delivered on that promise for the American people. Working with three pharmaceutical companies, namely AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna, their coronavirus vaccines are big news. Soon many in the US will be able to get the vaccines.The Rose Garden event is much-awaited every year at the White House. One of the indicators of economic growth is the Dow, with a high one highlighted. The President announced it on occasion, even as the days grow short, there will be good news for America.Quoting Trump, He added, "We've never broken 30,000 and that's despite everything that's taken place with the pandemic. I'm very thrilled with what's happened on the vaccine front."He mentioned that reaching the 30,000 DOW mark is a sacred milestone unexpected in such financially stressed times. When added to a pandemic, it is short of amazing. Trump's presidency has been a string of impossible yet possible feats.Adding in his statement, this is the 48th time that the administration Of President Trump achieved a record. It is citing all the people who have worked hard with noticeable results. All the administration components that have made it possible and said all in the people in the nation deserve it. 

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