Strong wind gusts and possible tornadoes pose a "marginal risk" in southeastern states and the Midwest, according to the National Weather Service on Wednesday. Thunderstorms are expected to ravage parts of Louisiana.

Strong Winds, Isolated Tornado

The storm activity arrives during a tempered holiday season with fewer than usual Americans traveling for Thanksgiving to visit their families due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The odds are mounting for a large and strong storm to take shape and deliver a varied series of adverse weather conditions in the days after Thanksgiving. The forceful storm would begin bringing about effects this weekend in the Deep South. As it evolves, it would expand northward over the Midwest and Northeast states on Monday up until Tuesday, reported AccuWeather.

A gradually moving front would settle across the Lower Mississippi Valley and the southern Plains the next few days. This would carry a susceptibility for severe weather, reported WeatherNation.

There is a marginal risk (level 1 on a scale of 1 to 5) posed from Atlanta to New Orleans.

The pronounced surface low and a frontal system are moving across the south-central US, unveiling a remarkable satellite appearance of the obstructing cyclone. The system will be discharged off the Southeast US on Thursday, so the Thanksgiving Day weather would be mild for a large part of the nation, reported Severe Weather Europe.

There is a marginal susceptibility of severe thunderstorms across parts of central/coastal Texas into Louisiana and Southwestern Mississippi. Between isolated strong and severe thunderstorms could transpire on Friday across parts of central or coastal Louisiana, Texas, and southwestern Mississippi.

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The United States is expected to have a dry Thanksgiving Day this 2020. However, central and southern US states may suffer from severe storms prior to Thanksgiving Day.

Millions would still venture out to visit family and friends, according to estimates.

Some cities that could witness foul weather include New Orleans, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

As of Wednesday, the backbone of the probable storm was a mass of thunderstorms and showers far out over the northern Pacific Ocean which is hundreds of miles west of the United States - Canada coastline. This atmospheric feature is not slated to reach the West Coast of the country until the week's end.

A well-initiated southerly flow from the Gulf of Mexico would increase the humidity in the region and the additional moisture into the air, accompanied by robust jet stream energy, would aid in the development of severe storms.

A few thunderstorms would be ignited in the late afternoon along and ahead of Ohio Valley's cold front to the Gulf of Mexico.

The pre-Thanksgiving storm system is moving hastily across the south-central US this Wednesday, moving east. A remarkable dry conveyor belt is wrapping into the center of the low. It is now racing into the Southeast US.

Mainly mounted thunderstorms could be ongoing to the north of a warm front at the start of the period across parts of east Texas and Los Angeles.

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