After hundreds of protesters in Berlin rallied against the COVID-19 rules imposed in Germany on Wednesday, German parliamentary officials are probing how people demonstrating against the government's lockdown measures entered Bundestag building and harangue lawmakers.

Hundreds of People Arrested in Berlin

Senior lawmakers convened on Thursday to evaluate allegations that deputies from the far-right Alternative for Germany, or AfD, party used their credentials to help some demonstrators bypass security.

Over 200 people were taken into custody in Germany's capital city as police officials used water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters rallying against the government's consideration of its authority to impose novel coronavirus measures.

According to the demonstrators, the German government's actions amount to a "corona dictatorship," reported TheBlaze.

The Berlin police stated demonstrations through the conflicting parties to the government's coronavirus policy intensified with water cannons used by law enforcement to break the protests.

As German parliament lawmakers voted to amend the nation's Infection Protection Act, which indicates restrictions aimed at limiting the prevalence of COVID-19, thousands of demonstrators protested in the capital and alleged that the government is using laws to restrain basic rights and set forth a "corona dictatorship."

Germany yet to impose a lockdown throughout the nation. All local and state governments have imposed restrictions on leisure and travel activities and shut down non-essential businesses. Schools and nurseries are still operating, reported Instant.

The police used pepper spray and water cannon to disperse thousands of unmasked protesters rallying in central Berlin.

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Three hundred sixty-five arrests were made and 10 police officers were injured while an estimated 5,000 people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate following the German government's prohibition of rallies beyond the parliament due to concerns of violence.

Security footage captured strange scenarios inside the Bundestag: A frustrated woman yelling at Economy Minister Peter Altmaier while filming him with her phone and another person joining in to threaten him. The minister remained calm in the face of their agitation.

The thousands gathered to oppose Angela Merkel's COVID-19 plans. Protesters outside the historic Reichstag parliament building blew whistles and made noise with saucepans in order to make their opposition known.

The crowds ignored calls to wear face masks and socially distance themselves from one another in accordance with pandemic measures.

While water sprayed from the cannons rained down on demonstrators outside the Brandenburg Gate, police officials in riot uniform moved through the crowd carrying away some protesters.

Altmaier remaked he had shrugged off the incident, but was discomfited that other lawmakers had been harassed as well.

The scenario transpired as thousands of people demonstrated against the parliament's implementation of a bill providing legal underpinning for the government to require masks in public, issue social distancing regulations, and to close stores and other venues to mitigate the prevalence of COVID-19.

The crowd of 5,000 to 10,000 descended on the streets of Berlin as parliament debated the bill that, according to the Associated Press, "would provide legal underpinning for the government to issue social distancing rules, require masks in public and to close stores and other venues to slow the spread of the virus."

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