Among the many things that the COVID-19 has affected, one of them is relationships. 

A cognitive psychotherapist and writer of the podcast "Coping With The New Normal of COVID-19," Niro Feliciano told a news outlet that "a lot of friendships have been very much fractured during this time of COVID-19, as well as the election."

About whether or not we obey pandemic protection guidelines, there have already been conflicting views and opinions. Furthermore, it has become more difficult to sustain relationships solely because you cannot come together in person.

Cases of coronavirus continue to grow throughout the nation as winter draws nearer. Public health authorities advise increasing social distancing, which means it would be challenging to gather outdoors safely in socially distant ways in cold-weather areas. But this is not an excuse for becoming a hermit.

Feliciano stated that people have been seeking new and innovative ways to meet new friends in discreet, socially distant ways, both on- and off-line. She had also said that another thing you can do is build an occasion that can be organized through Zoom.

"I think the goal here is to get to know people over a shared experience, so it kind of takes the pressure off just having to completely focus on conversation," Feliciano added. "But we kind of get to know their personality as it comes out doing these things."

Below are six new ways of meeting new people during the pandemic:

1. Arrange a virtual cook-off

With several establishments shut down, plenty of people in the kitchen have been practicing their skills. Why not invite your friends to check out what you're doing while you're going to spend more time at the stove? You can hold a virtual cook-off through Zoom every week. You could prepare recipes of your own or recommend a dish everyone has to create.

2. Host virtual happy hours

Loving making drinks for yourself? During spring's quarantine, virtual happy hours gained popularity. By choosing a cocktail recipe each week that everybody can prepare and then drink together, Feliciano proposed making them much more interactive.

"There's a little bit more connectedness than just kind of jumping on a Zoom call where everyone's drinking," Feliciano stated.

3. Throw a small outdoor socially distanced party 

As the pandemic progresses into the winter, public health expert says as long as you follow acceptable social distancing rules and meet outdoors, you could still see someone in person.

4. Host virtual trivia nights

Trivia nights can be an excellent way to interact with like-minded individuals, whether it be through other adults or the whole family. Be it a popular TV series, holiday, entertainment, sports, or some other mutual interest. Trivia will boil down around a favorite theme that everyone recognizes.

5. Organize a virtual book or podcast club

According to Feliciano, virtual book clubs were common during the pandemic, but she stressed out that many individuals were too nervous or distracted to read. She suggests hosting a virtual podcast group that you can then organize over Zoom if that's the case for you.