The exchange which is regarded as the leading authority in the world of cryptocurrency has announced in detail the upcoming public sale of Atari token(ATRI). You know that Atari is emerging and evolving as a brand new mission to overcome the crypto space. It hopes to do it by creating a token that has much power to convert the video game industry and also making it possible to access as many platforms and users as possible. It intends to do it through the Atari wallet. It also interns to do it by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem around the Atari brand.

Mission Atari

Atari has a very clear mission to develop the adoption and use of cases of Atari token in a progressive way throughout the ecosystem. We have also seen that every group has started to involve in many partnership agreements in order to develop the adoption and use cases of the Atari Token. The use cases which come on number 1 are in the domain where we see that the group is active already having blockchain games and video games. It also aims to expand into DeFi to finance the game sector. You can find the complete list of these partnership agreements at

Set up for registration

Atari chain Limited Gibraltar is the main hub to issue this token. The property traders who are interested in the prospective purchasers of Atari token can avail of this opportunity by registering and proceeding with KYC/AML procedures. They can also use the exchange to find the page setup for registration.

Atari Token, IEO, and Exchange also aim to co-ordinate in the fields of education and mass awareness campaigns with the upcoming IEO. They want to do this through AMAs, guides, media, direct interviews, and all other possible resources or direct and indirect marketing by using direct or indirect marketing.

Statements of Exchange critics

Frederic Chesnais, the CEO of the Atari chain said that collaboration with was a natural choice for Atari. Both of these sectors are working in close collaboration and their target is to reach mass adoption of Atari token. They also have a goal of delivering the ultimate experience in the world of video games and also in the interactive entertainment industry.

Danish Chaudhary Head of exchange also added that the recent launch of Atari tokens public sale has made these two teams more closer to each other. The launch of the IEO platform also complemented this operation as both of these teams get a good foundation to push their marketing efforts in the industry. This is the point that provides all the important details of the crypto community which is very helpful to the industry and to understand many things about Atari token. It is also helping the traders to get to know how to pass KYC before the public sale to get a speedier process once it gets live.

Be a part of the progress

The platform exchange has taken a big initiative while launching a process by opening a portal for the users to directly go through KYC and AMLverification before they actually plan into the token sale that is going to take place in November.

What is a public sale/IEO?

If we want to explain it in short we can say that it is an  Initial Exchange Offering.  It is usually referred to as an IEO which is a fundraising event managed by an exchange. As compared to an initial coin offering ICO where the project team conducts the fundraising on its own, the Initial Exchange Offering fundraising will be administered on a well-known exchange acting as a fundraising platform. It is quite similar to the upcoming Exchange launchpad. It is a place where its users can purchase tokens through their funds directly from their own exchange wallets. To learn more about this visit bitqt trading app.

What is Exchange?

The platform Exchange has a clear mission to empower the people who belong to any corner of the world and to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence. It wants to present them with the whole procedure of cryptocurrency trade in an easy and confident way and encourage the traders to become advanced in trading professionals. It offers high liquidity 24/7 support with multilingual services and also offers dozens of trading pairs. All these trading pairs are complimented with immense security. Exchange is an authentic platform for trading any kind of cryptocurrency with a short period of one year. Since its launch, the exchange has around 500k active traders per month and this number is continuously growing with every passing second.