Haunted movies have scary tales, not just on-set but sometimes off-set too. The intense scenes and the terrifying storylines may attract paranormal entities that plague the cast and crew.

From ghost sightings, mysterious claw marks, multiple homicides, voices and other bizarre events while finishing production, the behind the scenes stories can be as interesting as the plot of the movies.

Haunted movie sets

Here are some of the horrifying behind the scene stories from popular movies:

Annabelle: mysterious claw marks

There were two paranormal events that hit the set of the movie "Annabelle." During pre-production, director John R. Leonetti stated he saw three fingers drawn through the dust along the window and was backlit by the moon, he was able take a picture of the said mark. It is worth noting that the demon in the movie has three fingers.

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The second event was shared by producer Peter Safran. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they shot a scene in an old apartment building near Koreatown.

The "demon" needed for the scene was in full makeup and they had to bring him up in the elevator. A janitor walks out and walks around to the green room to where they were holding the talent that plays the demon in the movie, and just as he walked under a giant glass light fixture, it falls down on his head.

The demon is said to kill the janitor the exact same way in the movie, and they found it freaky that it is exactly what happened in real life.

The Omen: Destroyed footage

The paranormal activities that happened on the set of the horror movie "The Omen" were so creepy that the stories lived on years after the movie was released.

Director John Moore claims that nearly all of the resulting footage was inexplicably lost after spending the whole day shooting the infamous birthmark scene. An accident in the processing lab had destroyed 13,500 feet of film, which had baffled lab technicians. The scene, which reveals Damien to be the antichrist, had to be reshot.

Two freak lightning strikes also happened while shooting for the film. Aside from that, numerous unusual deaths happened to those in the production and the actors too, leading many people to suspect that the movie is cursed.

Rosemary's Baby: Horrifying deaths

"Rosemary's Baby" is a cult classic starring actress Mia Farrow. Despite the rave reviews and the film's success, it is known to be the movie with the most misfortune.

Numerous tragic deaths have plagued the cast and crew, including the murder of director Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, by members of the Manson family.

A year after the premier of the movie, producer William Castle was hospitalized with severe kidney stones. Castle experienced hallucinations of scenes from the film and was said to have once screamed "Rosemary, for God's sake, drop the knife!"

The Exorcist: Selective fire

"The Exorcist" was wrought with challenges before, during and after its release. One of the incidents that stood out was the fire that burned a massive portion of the set to the ground.

Two sets had been created on one sound stage, the main MacNeil house and Regan's bedroom. The fire, which was caused by a pigeon flying into a light box, destroyed the MacNeil home and put the production on hiatus for six weeks. However, Regan's room was unharmed.

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