In this topic, some of the popular bloggers are sharing the tips they used to make their product popular and successfully monetize the result. So every piece of advice is undoubtedly checked in real life and proved to be effective.

Today it might be hard to promote your blog and attract traffic to your content because of bigger bloggers who have large audiences and are always on Google top. But there is still nothing impossible, even if it seems impossible at the very beginning. Content quality can always help you to find your place in the blogging world, with the right promotion, for sure.

Keywords and the year 2020

Now, after the latest Google updates, you have to write for readers, not being so keen on keywords. If you make a well-written post that is well-researched, gives solutions to special problems, and provides unique content, you can always get a high ranking on Google. You should also keep in mind that Google directs each specific visitor to content that provides answers to his specific problems.

Let's see in one example: you are writing a post about exotic places to visit for newlyweds. Now Google will provide people with that part of the content, where you solve the topic really deep. Attractions people should not miss, approximate cost, hotels, operators that provide tours to the destination you've chosen.

Make your blog identity in 2020

You should be recognized as a unique writer by Google: have a proper writer's profile, have contact information, and so on. Otherwise, Google will not place your blog on the top of the search results in most situations. Days when you could just write some completed post and push the "publish" button have gone. So now, you have not only made perfect content but think about your brand identity and make people recognize your product wherever people will see it. Also, social work can be a good advantage for your blog identity. Every company should have a social responsibility program that helps make the world a better place.

Make a logo! An image should be recognizable, attractive, and connected with what you write about.

Let people connect with you easily and properly explain why your readers should do that.

And you should find a reliable host for your blog to finish perfect performance.

Making your blog look good

The first impression is really important, so your blog should be pretty. Another thing is making your blog user-friendly. Navigation and not too complicated design will help you keep your reader and will surely have a positive effect on your rating on Google. Also, don't forget that a lot of people can visit your blog using their mobile devices. To make your content accessible for each user and any device, you should simply pick up a WordPress theme you like and test it before you apply it. Also, think about self-hosting your blog, which will allow you to have total control over your blog and will save some cost.

Voice search - great strategy in 2020

The latest statistics say that almost 50% of search requests are made by voice commands. That is quite a new technology, and part of users who choose this technology is growing, so making your blog convenient can be a great tactic. And it is not so hard as may seem! Let me explain.

When people use voice search, they are forming their needs as a question in conversation, so you have to remake your content as answers to such a question, and Google will reward you with the new visitors.

Modern technologies and collected experience can help you in getting to your goal: being in the flow of the latest news, getting information about what is going on the market, researching your target audience, and providing unique and awesome content. All of it is a part of your business, always keep it in mind and work harder than you ever worked, don't be afraid of mistakes and failures, and always remember that often a border between popular and extra popular bloggers is just some luck.