After his brief escape from jail, the 'Submarine Killer,' who was convicted for the murder and mutilation of a Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, was captured by the police just 400 meters away from the Herstedvester prison, Tuesday.

Peter Madsen, who earned the name 'Submarine Killer' after he killed and mutilated Wall aboard his submarine in 2017, is currently serving a life sentence. However, on Tuesday, at around 10 AM CET, he tried to escape from prison but was quickly intercepted by the Western Copenhagen police.

Dramatic footage showing the police capture and detain the short-lived fugitive was shown on several news networks in Denmark. In the footage, two snipers were seen flat on the ground as they pointed their rifles towards Madsen, who had his back against a hedge as he sat on the ground, BBC reported.

Wall, was a 30-year-old journalist at the time of her death. She was last seen on August 10, 2017, climbing aboard Madsen's self-built submarine. She was coming to interview Madsen for an upcoming article that she was planning to write.

After that, Wall was nowhere to be found. On August 21, her torso was washed up by waves to an island just near Copenhagen. Meanwhile, her head and other extremities were found just a few weeks later.

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Following Wall's death, Madsen was charged with indecent handling of a corpse, premeditated murder, and due to the stab wound found inside and outside the genital area of Wall, and "sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature."

Madsen was then found guilty of all three charges filed against him.

Meanwhile, Madsen repeatedly denied the charges of sexual assault and murder. He claimed that the journalist died due to carbon dioxide poisoning. However, he did admit to mutilating her body and tossing the parts into the ocean, claiming that he panicked upon seeing her dead.

Moreover, Madsen stated that Waal's death was accidental, but later on admitted that he was indeed to blame for her death, although he did not kill her.

Wall is a freelance journalist who traveled around the world for her reports. She has written a variety of articles from North Korea to Uganda for different publications.

The story that Wall was supposed to write on Madsen and his submarine was supposed to be the last article that she will be writing in Denmark before she planned to move to Beijing with her Danish partner.

Madsen's short-lived escape

According to Yahoo! News, initially, the West Copenhagen police gave very little information about what truly transpired inside the prison in Albertslund. At first, they only stated that a man had been arrested while he was trying to escape from jail.

However, the videos and pictures at the scene have confirmed that the man surrounded by armed police officers while propped up against a fence was Madsen.

Moreover, it was noted that there were bomb disposal experts who were deployed in the scene and that it took some time before the 'Submarine Killer' was taken back into custody, CNN reported.

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