Ellen DeGeneres was bombarded by controversy this summer after stories of her behavior off-screen and the toxic workplace that she allowed on her show "The Ellen Show" went public, tainting her public-friendly image.

The comedian is affected by this controversy; sources say that even her wife, model, and actress Portia de Rossi, has been hit by the negative press.

The friends of the Hollywood couple are worried that DeGeneres' workplace scandals could trigger a relapse. A tabloid wrote that some people are afraid that the actress would start to engage in self-destructive behaviors again.

Ellen DeGeneres' scandals

The tabloid National Enquirer reported that all of the scandals surrounding the talk show host is taking its toll on her wife, Portia de Rossi. According to the tabloid, the friends of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are now afraid that the actress might relapse as a result, as the constant negative media attention is affecting her mentally and emotionally.

National Enquirer claims that the spotlight on DeGeneres is deemed too much for Portia to bear, who is said to have an addiction problem.

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This year was not kind to the talk show host. It began with a viral Twitter thread from comedian Kevin T. Porter who encouraged people to talk about their unpleasant encounter with Ellen DeGeneres. Hundreds of stories about the talk show host being mean were revealed.

The viral post immediately turned to toxic off-screen behavior of the people who work on "The Ellen Show," including incidents of racism, microaggressions, bullying, and sexual harassment.

To be clear, the talk show host was not listed as a participant in those behaviors except bullying, in which former employees said that she would pick a person to bully every day. DeGeneres took responsibility for the wrongs that were committed since the show does bear her name.

National Enquirer claimed that Ellen DeGeneres had a lack of support from many of her celebrity friends. An alleged source for the tabloid claims that the whole incident is a recipe for disaster for Portia. The tabloid also claims to have consulted with a doctor regarding de Rossi's relapse, but the doctor has never met nor treated the actress.

The truth

The article of National Enquirer is vague and has no legit source. De Rossi did indeed have issues that she even openly talked about before. She discussed her previous eating disorders, and in 2014, she went to rehab.

However, there is no evidence to support the claim of the tabloid. The actress has not gone back to rehab, there is no indication that she has resorted to her old ways, and as seen on Ellen DeGeneres' Instagram account, the two are still together, living on the same roof.

The news about the couple is not new. The site Gossip Cop has debunked rumors about their separation, words about them getting a divorce, stories about how de Rossi is struggling with addiction again, and so on.

This is not the first time that National Enquirer wrote an article about the talk show host. Just this month, the tabloid claimed that the comedian was selling her art collection as preparation because she thinks she'll get fired.

The tabloid also claimed that Ellen DeGeneres suffered from a neck injury, which never happened as the talk show host was never hospitalized.

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