A waitress from Pennsylvania said that one customer left her a note on the receipt instead of a tip. She said that the note came after she reminded him about the pub's policy that all customers must wear a mask if they are not seated yet.

No tip

John Henry's Pub, the pub where the waitress works, posted the picture of the receipt on their official Facebook page. In the photo, the word "mask" was written in the line where the tips are usually written.

A caption on the post reads, "When your staff politely asks a customer to wear a mask until seated, this is how they are disrespected. Totally unacceptable. 'YOU' should be ashamed of yourself!!"

Kathy Kearney, the owner of the pub, told NBC News in a phone interview on October 8 that the customer, an unidentified male, came into the pub on October 4 to eat.

As soon as the man got up from his table, he started walking through the establishment without wearing a mask. That was when the waitress told him he needs to wear a mask if he is not seated.

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Pub's Policy

The policy of the pub states that all customers must wear a mask when they are not seated at their designated table. Kearney said that her staff reminds all customers about the policy.

Kearney said that the approach is not offensive and aggressive. Her staff reminds the customers of the policy in a friendly manner, as the pub aims to protect all customers and staff from the contagious coronavirus.

The waitress who got the receipt, Jamie Ledwith, told NBC Philadelphia that after she asked the customer to wear a mask if he was going to go around the pub, the customer dismissed her. The customer allegedly said that it was not a big deal if he stood up without a mask because he was going to sit down again.

Ledwith went to the customer's table and got the receipt as soon as the man left, and that was when she saw the note on the bill. She then went on to tell her boss about what happened.

Kearney said that the insensitivity of the customer and the whole incident had upset her, as the man disrespected the staff, the policy of the pub, and potentially endangered the health of the people inside the pub after he walked around without the mask.

Kearney decided to post the picture of the receipt on the Facebook page of the pub. She stated in the captions that writing "mask" on the tip line of the receipt was disrespectful. She also took the opportunity to remind the customers that they are doing the best that they can to serve them while protecting the health of the staff.

The Facebook post automatically went viral, and people are now criticizing the unidentified customers for not leaving a tip, not following the rules of the pub, and for leaving the message on the receipt. Some people donated money to the waitress to cover for the tip that the customer did not pay.

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