It might also happen to you, you walk outside and suddenly get bitten in your arm or leg by a dog. If you are injured and suffer damage, we speak of personal injury. But who is liable for the damage caused by a dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet)? And what damage can you recover? Is injury from a dog bite covered by a personal injury insurance?

A dog bite, who is liable?

Under the law, the owner of an animal is liable for the damage that the animal causes to property and persons. The owner of the dog can therefore be held liable for the consequences of the dog bite.

The dog owner should be held liable by means of a liability claim. This states who you hold liable and on what legal basis. The liability statement also states what happened and what injuries were left from the accident. Finally, you state the personal injury and encounter the prescription.

A personal injury claim in a dog bite expires 5 years after the dog bite. Before that time you must therefore hold the owner of the dog liable.

Compensation after dog bite

The owner of the dog must pay for your full personal injury. Firstly, it concerns material damage. This is damage that can be valued in money. Think of loss of income, medical costs and costs for care.

In addition to material damage, your personal injury after a dog bite consists of suffering damage (Dutch: smartengeld). This is a compensation for the pain and sorrow that you suffer from the dog bite, but it is also a compensation for the scars and any psychological complaints, such as anxiety complaints.

What to do after a dog bite

Have you been bitten by a dog? Then make sure that you know as soon as possible who the owner of the dog is that has bitten you. Write down the name, address and telephone number of the owner.

Are there any witnesses of the incident with the dog? This can be very important. You have to prove that you were bitten by the dog. You should therefore always write down the contact details of any witnesses.

Do you not trust the situation? Then call the police and ask if they can come on site

A dog bite is very dangerous. It can cause annoying and even serious injuries. You should therefore immediately go to a doctor. Have your injury recorded by the doctor. You also have to prove that you have an injury from the dog bite and what this injury consists of.

Is damage from a dog bite covered by insurance?

Damage caused by animals is covered by the third-party insurance. Because almost everyone in the Netherlands is insured against liability, you will usually be reimbursed for your personal injury through the insurer. Is the dog's owner not insured against liability? Then the owner is liable himself for your personal injury.