Recently, United States President Donald Trump once again warned about the dangers during the elections as mail-in ballot usage is increasing. The Republican leader has consistently claimed that the voting process is rigged and criticized governors who support it as "political hacks."

Fraudulent mail-in voting

On Sunday, the U.S. president said during an interview that the election would experience an unprecedented amount of disruption or interference because of the fraudulent mail-in voting process.

According to Fox News, Trump told host Mark Levin that several officials knew the voting process was not going to work because it has already been used within the last 14 or 15 months. He added that the ballots are getting mixed up, citing that he has heard one was used the days before the interview.

Levin continued to detail a potential scenario where the Republican leader wins reelection in November but added that opposition would then bring out objections, using the mail-in ballots as their defense.

The host added Trump's rivals would claim that the Republican leader did not win the elections and support their accusations with lawsuits from the mail-in ballots. Levin said the fraudulent claims were previously seen in California and several other states.

On the other hand, Levin said that if the former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden gains a lead on Election Day, Democrats would then brand Trump as a dictator if he did not accept the results of the race despite the possibility of more votes for the Republican out in ballots.

The host said that either way, Trump would be placed in a predicament where his opposition is setting up a narrative that undermines the legitimacy of the United States' electoral process.

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Conclusive evidence

In recent weeks, Attorney General William Barr has expressed his support of Trump's accusations that mail-in ballot voting was a disastrous process that would end in catastrophic results during the election, as reported by NBC News.

Barr claimed that mail-voting fraud was widespread across the nation and also warned about the dangers of foreign entities interfering with the elections by compromising ballots. However, experts said that the accusations were baseless and only supported the factless claims by Trump.

The attorney general's statements echo Trump's consistent view of the dangers of mail-in voting during the election despite voting by mail himself in August.

Several civil rights advocates expressed their concern that a top law enforcement official such as Barr is spreading misinformation about mail-in voting.

President and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Vanita Gupta, said Barr's claims were irresponsible and undermined the authenticity and legitimacy of the Justice Department's efforts to protect voters' rights.

According to The New York Times, all types of voter fraud in the United States are exceedingly rare. A study in 2016 discovered only a handful of credible evidence that supports fraudulent voting.

Previously, Trump created a panel that aimed to investigate election corruption. However, the group found no conclusive evidence of voter fraud before the Republican leader decided to disband the panel in 2018.

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