A 10-year-old boy is currently suffering from several injuries in the arm, chest, and head after a shark attack in the northwest coast of Tasmania.

Based on the reports, the shark grabbed the boy off a boat near Stanley. The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital after the attack.

According to Fox News, Ambulance Tasmania stated that the boy was on a fishing expedition with his father and two other men. They were aboard a fishing vessel which was about six meters in length when the animal grabbed him and pulled him to the water.

The victim's father immediately jumped into the water to rescue his kid, scaring the shark which swam away.

At the moment, reports have stated that the boy is currently in stable condition and only suffered minor injuries, such as cuts. He was also wearing a life jacket during the attack which saved him from drowning.

Shark Warning Issued Before Attack

Meanwhile, it has been noted that before the attack on the boy happened, authorities have issued a shark warning in the area.

Police have cautioned that there has been a sighting of a large shark in the waters of the Stanley area. They have also advised people who planned to go swimming, fishing, or do any other marine activities to take extra precautions.

In a report by The Guardian, it was noted that the last injury reported from a shark bite in Tasmania was in 2012. This is based on the data maintained by the Taronga Conservation Society which was released by the Australian Shark Attack File.

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Series of Shark Attacks

The incident that happened last Friday was an addition to the string of shark-related incidents that have happened in the waters of Australia.

On Tuesday that week, in the far north of Queensland, a shark-documentary maker was swimming in a resort, enjoying one of his days off when he was suddenly mauled by a shark.

The documentary-journalist was a 29-year-old woman who was attacked near Cairns at Fitzroy Island. She sustained a bite on her left leg, causing a possible fracture on her ankle and several lacerations.

Despite the injuries that she has gotten, the woman told reporters that she still believes that sharks are beautiful and that she still loves the creatures. She was taken to a hospital in Cairns in a wheelchair but she is already in a stable condition.

On top of this, the fifth deadly shark attack in Australia this year was reported only this Saturday after a teenager was attacked while surfing. The attack happened in northern New South Wales, at Wilsons Headland at Wooli Beach.

Moreover, the weekend before that, a man also died while he was at Fraser Island in Queensland spearfishing and was suddenly attacked by a shark. The man hailed from Sunshine Coast and was 36 years old.

Since the year began, there have been a series of shark attacks in Australian waters. Authorities have repeatedly cautioned people to stay alert and take necessary precautions to avoid such incidents.

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