Tupac Shakur reportedly doctored his autopsy photograph and coroner's report, according to conspiracy theorists. He is believed to be alive with a claimed fake autopsy.

The Incident

The rapper was apparently killed at the age of 25 in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting in 1996. However, numerous people assert that he remains to be alive.

His case still stands to be one of the most notorious murders in music history. After being shot dead in his car, six days later, he died in hospital. This was followed by months of brutal retaliations and deaths between gangs and leaders of the rap community, reported FR24 News.

It is now alleged that his autopsy report does not exist after conspiracy theories have long raged over his murder, reported Daily Star.

The legendary artist was reportedly shot on September 7, 1996, resulting in injuries.

Was It Staged?

Many people believe the star faked his own death to flee to the mere place the United States police officials could not locate him.

The Notorious BIG Was Also Shot

Six months after Shakur's incident, fellow star and former friend-turned-bitter rival The Notorious BIG, whose real name is Christopher Wallace, was also gunned in another drive-by incident, reported Express.

Details of Tupac Shakur's Incident

Shakur was riding a car with former music executive Suge Knight when a Cadillac pulled up and the car was gunned with shots.

He was shot four times; twice in the chest, one in the thigh, and one in the arm.

Sightings of Tupac Shakur

Numerous sightings of Shakur alive and well were alleged. One filmmaker close to his family indicated that he has evidence that the rapper was warned ahead of the attack and staged his death. Thus, Tupac Shakur is believed to be alive with a fake autopsy.

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Reason Behind Alleged Staging of Death

The Changes star was claimed to not have died but instead fled to Cuba to live his life away from the public eye and far from people who put his life in jeopardy.

During his death's 24th anniversary, a YouTube user has ignited the theory further by claiming the photograph of Shakur's body captured during his autopsy raises dubious concerns over its legitimacy.

On the Night of the Shooting

During the night of the incident, Shakur was present at a Mike Tyson boxing brawl at Las Vegas' MGM Grand. Following the boxing match, there was a squabble in the hotel's lobby when Shakur's record label boss Suge Knight stated that he sighted a Crips gang member who had attempted to rob him earlier in a Footlocker store.

A Week After the Incident

Almost a week later, the rapper was believed to have died after respiratory failure eventually leading to cardiac arrest.

DJ Skandalous' Dubious Remarks

Supporting the belief that Tupac Shakur is alive with a fake autopsy, according to YouTuber DJ Skandalous, there are numerous discrepancies on the coroner's report including about his height and weight. His height is indicated in a 1996 drivers' licence, citing his height as 5' 10'' and his weight at around 168lbs. The coroner's report indicated that his height was 6 ft and his weight was 215 lbs.

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