When China started the border conflict with India, they did not expect border rebuffs from them. Out of frustration, they are throwing in Tibet for their shortcomings in the India-China border.

 There is no doubt that the PLA has been rebuffed and placed on the defensive by the Indian Army. Evidence of this is the Global Times that is part of the propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Party.

The outlet accused India of working with Exiled Tibetans and using the Tibet Card, which does not work, adding that mainland China is better, with economic and military advantages that far exceeds India's. This was a remark from an analyst close to the situation, reported Defense News.

To be succinct, China is coercing India directly to keep what they have purloined in the border conflict. Another is telling India that working with an exiled Tibetan leadership is useless against China. The CCP of China is actively changing narratives that are false to pursue their agenda, cited Defence Aviation Post.

 According to the Global Times, India is in one of the latest episodes in the border conflict between India and China is a unit in the Indian Force made up of exiled Tibetans from fathers to sons. This unit is believed to be an elite force that played a big part in a standoff caused by India. China blames India of provocations, and the PLA has no wrong in the first instance of the border conflict.

Chinese analysts think that the unit called the Special Frontier Force (SFF), with 1,000 strong members are not elite. Further saying that the Indian Army will use them ingloriously as cannon fodder, in the fight with China. In the Ladakh clash, India lost 20 troopers or so but China did not reveal casualties, noted Economic Times.

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Based on the report, Qian Feng, director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute, talked to the global times about the Indian unit of Tibetans who will preemptively strike.

Though the GB says that the Indian media is criticizing the move, which has one casualty and a commander. 

One reason Director Feng call the SFF as pure cannon fodder, with one fatality and a hurt unit commander, makes them not so special forces. He said that they are cannon fodder as the narrative goes.

By reputation, the Special Frontier Force (SFF) has been drafted for their capacity in high altitude combat environments they excel in. First gathered U.S. support happened during the 1960s and one of the key units that gather intel on Chinese units.

He added that the SFFs role is not great anymore, the Indian Army specifically, otherwise it is the same as other units. Another is the reduction of members that are numbered at 1000 men in the unit, composed of exiled Tibetans.

Qian said that the Indian army is not confident of non-Indians and is mostly in the lowest ring of the military organization. Choosing to become a soldier is the only option more than anything else.

Soon after, Hua Chunying of the Chinese foreign ministry rattled off and opposed any country that supports nationalities under Chinese control.

Chinese border rebuffs have made China mad, especially with support for Tibetan leaders.

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