Last Wednesday, presidential nominee Joe Biden of the Democratic Party alleged that there will be attempts by the Republicans to decrease voter access. Another is telling the public that incumbent Donald Trump is not willing to cede victory to him by setting up the upcoming election to his favor.

He also mentioned that the military will have to intervene if President Trump loses the election in any margin. According to Biden, they will have to escor Trump out, as reported CNN.

Biden's trial by publicity

Is it a trial by publicity after the George Floyd protests that vilified Trump, who sought to stop the looting and rioting. While the democrats supported protests, presidential nominee Joe Biden let things play out to Trump's dismay.

When Biden attended the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah asked him whether Trump will leave the White House and what does he intend to do about it. Biden said yes.

Despite Biden's claims Donald Trump, is still incumbent and has been working on police reform. He never promised to defund the police, which the Democrats are backpedalling on.

Immediately, Biden spoke about President Trump mentioning many things without a factual basis. Among them was spreading conspiracies like projected voter fraud by the Democrats, next were lies that were connected to mail-in voting that will be a case of voter fraud. One instance is the Republican and Democratic states that many are starting to believe over the panic that is caused by the pandemic, confirmed by LA Times.

Presidentiable mentioned what happened in Georgia on Tues, with voting machines and problems that made voter wait long, areas where African Americans lived. Biden added that his campaign is pulling the stops to have lawyers look at voting issues.

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Joe Biden is very convinced that President Trump will not leave the White House in peace, but the only retort from the incumbent is that his democrat rival wants to defund the police. And stress regaining law and order after the protests.

What else is Biden saying

He reiterated what he said in an interview, mentioning Trump as the source who said that main in ballots are a big sham, saying that Trump sits in the oval office and makes a vote that will be mailed in to vote in the primaries, according to ABC News.

This was about Trump sending his vote via mail into Florida. Also, Biden mentions that the US is not a military state, and they will escort Mr Trump out if loses re-election.

The remarks of Biden were noted by White House press sec Kayleigh McEnany, saying that Biden's remarks were 'not valid at all', on Fox News last Thursday.

On President Trump's side, he was more concerned about dealing with the fallout of the George Floyd killing, that led to rioting and looting US cities, according to New York Times.

Possible Republican party maneuverings

Stricter voting law to be imposed by Republicans is a concern for Joe Biden and the democrats. The cause was a refusal by the GOP to the attempt by the Democratic Governor to do mail-in voting, instead an election in April was final during the pandemic.

So, far Trump has been busy with other fallout from peace and order, to reaffirming support for law enforcement. At the same time, he's also keeping in mind the cause of the protest, but Biden has not fully supported defunding the police.

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