This pandemic partially changed people's daily lives, and yet their love and passion for making and eating desserts stayed with us. People are hungry for desserts simply because of the joy it gives them whenever they make and eat it.

This pandemic, specifically, has made every person in the world feel a little more stress than they're used to. Desserts increase the production of the so-called happy hormones in the body, which improves an individual's mood. Here are some of the desserts that you can prepare in your own homes during this time of health crisis to satisfy your cravings.

Chocolate pudding

First off on the list is Chocolate pudding, a classic favorite for as long as most people can remember. This dessert has a mix of a little bit of everything and blends them in perfect balance.

You can make chocolate pudding from scratch, which is especially useful during this time where you would want to spend less time outside because of the coronavirus threat.

Most of the ingredients you would need for this recipe are things that are found in the average kitchen. There's also the fact that you can go and brag to your family and friends that you made a pudding on your own.

Chocolate pudding
(Photo : Unsplash / Buse Doga Ay)


Next, there are Truffles; making these homemade Truffles can be as simple as 1 2 3. If you're unsure of how to make this treat, there are plenty of online videos you could watch to learn how. Other than that, this treat satisfies your craving, and it can be the perfect surprise for the coming holiday season.

(Photo : Pixabay / AlexanderStein)

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Frozen Banana Pop

Contrary to what most people think, desserts can be made as a healthy snack too. If you crave ice cream and are currently in a diet, you can always switch to healthy ice cream-like desserts.

An example of this is the Frozen Banana Pop where all you have to do is dip bananas in yogurt and roll them on whatever toppings you want, then freeze them and you're done. Enjoy your dessert while staying safe in the comfort of your home.

Frozen Banana Cereal Pop
(Photo : Pexels / Flo Dahm)

Classic cookies

It would be unfair to forget one of the most popular dessert, Cookies. This mouth-watering treat is a favorite of food lovers, and you can take them with you everywhere because of how easy-to-store they are.

There many types of cookies out there that can satisfy your taste buds and some people love hard cookies, while the others are addicted to a chewy and soft treat.

Whatever cookie you prefer, however, this dessert will always be a favorite among dessert lovers and children and feels like a small victory in life.

Classic Cookies
(Photo : Unsplash / Jade Wulfraat)


Another favorite dessert most people drool over is waffles. You can always have it as simple as you want it to be, and you can also level it up by adding ice cream, fruits, and whatever toppings you want to go with it.

Waffles are a part of our daily lives that haven't changed, and it is always a good thing to remember because it reminds us that this pandemic will soon be over, and everything will become better.

This pandemic made us realize that everything can change in the blink of an eye. But you don't have to sacrifice the things you love to get a little more out of life. There will always be a reason to treat yourself, enjoy life, and appreciate everything you have right now.

Always find a reason to have a little dessert to help lessen the pressure and stress you are experiencing during this pandemic.

(Photo : Unsplash / Mae Mu)

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