The last few months have been rough on us all. Many people even notice a new kind of stress they didn't use to have. That's obviously no surprise: so many people were laid off, others saw their normal day-to-day life do a total 180 turn. There have been enough reasons to become stressed these last few months! Many psychologists even warned for the 'Coronavirus burn out'. If you also feel super stressed and you don't know how to deal with it, this article is for you! 

Check what makes you stressed

Often, you know you're stressed or even grumpy and annoyed, but you don't always know exactly why. Obviously, you can sometimes pinpoint it to not sleeping great, your coworker forgetting something or your kids making a mess, but sometimes it's a bit harder to pinpoint. Especially if you've been stressed and irritated for a while. Take a good look at your day and try to figure out what triggers your stress. Is it your boss that doesn't respect your personal time? Or is it the fact that you miss your social life? If you have a good idea on what causes your stress, you can try to come up with solutions. 

Talk to a psychologist before it gets too bad

Do you feel like your stress isn't something you can fix yourself? Then it's a good idea to talk to a psychologist. There's no shame in doing that! Better be safe than sorry! If you notice yourself getting burned out, talk to a professional. 

Treat yourself

Unfortunately we have no idea how long the coronavirus will still have a huge influence on everyone's daily life. You might not be able to go on your far away trip and your life might look a little different, but that doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of all things that bring you joy. That's why it's totally okay to treat yourself every once in a while. Splurge on that fun product you've wanted for a while or do something that makes you happy. 

It's also quite a good idea to treat your body a bit. Have you noticed that your back, neck and shoulder muscles are hurting? That might be because your body 'stores' stress. Check if anyone in your area offers corona proof massages. We promise you, you'll feel much better after a deep-tissue massage! Another way to treat your body, is to buy a jacuzzi. The warm water relaxes all your muscles, which is ideal if you have muscle aches. And did you know you'll sleep better after relaxing in a jacuzzi? From blow-up jacuzzis to built-in ones, there are so many choices. We prefer jacuzzi's for 4 persons or more (Dutch: 4-persoons jacuzzi) because then you can relax with the whole family or some friends. Will you choose a Bestway jacuzzi or a Lay-Z Spa? The choice is yours!  

We hope you can destress a bit!