Do you want to make 2020 a memorable year for your career? Are you ready to take one step further and consolidate your professional future? Then you should notice that cloud computing is becoming more popular these days, so it is obvious that companies will need more experts in handling this technology and will shift their attention toward hiring certified specialists.

Do You Have the Right Skills for Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Exam?

Visit ExamCollection is one of the two exams required for Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Not everyone manages to pass both tests and obtain a credential without intensive preparation. As we know how important training is, we decided to create this article to help you understand which are the most important skills you need to excel in this test. Don't miss the information we outlined below.

Which Are the Necessary Skills to Pass AZ-304 Test?

Any IT specialist who wants to become a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert will have to pass both AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Tests . Their difficulty level is quite high and each of them focuses on different skills. Each test will help you gain relevant knowledge on how to manage and configure the Azure environment and troubleshoot Azure systems. Thus, your position in the company will be secure.

Speaking in detail, the Microsoft AZ-304 exam focuses on five domains:

  1. The first one covers the topics related to monitoring design. You will find that 15% of the total exam questions will cover this area. So, you should know everything about different monitoring solutions and how to find different alternatives for cost optimization.

  2. The second one concentrates on security and identity design. Candidates will learn how to become experts in leveraging the security levels of different apps. Also, you will discover how to handle authorization, authentication, and governance features.

  3. Data storage is the third domain. You should also know how to develop a business continuity plan for the processes using Azure technology, provide data integration, and know about different storage management tools.

  4. The fourth section relates to AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies VCE Dumps - ExamLabs . In case anything breaks down, you will need to have solid backup and recovery policies to ensure no breaks in the business processes.

  5. The fifth domain focuses on compute solutions and infrastructure design. A quarter of the total exam questions will include items that cover this topic. Therefore, you should be ready to come with answers related to application architecture and network solutions.

It is obvious that the test is quite difficult. So, you should be organized when it comes to training. You can use the materials available on the vendor's website and then check your preparedness level by Visit Web Page .


Exam Labs Visit is the final step you need to take to get Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. If you want to be successful in this exam, you should have the list of skills very clear in your mind. Also, you should use only verified materials if you want to learn the correct concepts and get the MS-101 Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security Certification Training Course - Exam Labs from the first attempt.