Believe it or not, not everyone loves chocolate. There are those who are just not keen into eating sweets and have more of an appetite for savory food.

They may eat sweets from time to time, but if given a choice, they would rather have something melty, cheesy and salty pastries over chocolate cakes, ice creams and pies. If you know someone who is not a fan of sweets, here are some desserts that you can prepare.

Tomato and cream cheese turnover

If you or someone you know is not a fan of strawberry or chocolate croissant turnovers, you can switch things up a bit and make it savory. Instead of the sweet fillings, you can go for tomatoes and cream cheese turnover topped with sesame seeds. You can use sesame seeds that are added on bagels.

This pastry dish is perfectly paired with coffee after a hearty meal. It also looks fancy; it is easy and fast to make. You can eat this as a snack and breakfast too, as suggested by Food52.

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If you are craving for something salty, nothing can beat a good old pretzel. Pretzels are usually eaten as a snack, but you can eat it a dessert too especially after you've had a savory meal. It is also easy to make, according to Tastey.Co.

The unique shape of a pretzel makes it fun to eat, and the shiny surface and amazing smell make it even more enticing.

Sour cream pound cake

Pound cakes are usually sweet, and it is drizzled with chocolate sauce, but if you are not up for it, you can make some twists and serve it in a different way.

You can go with a plain pound cake and dust a bit of powdered sugar for taste and skip the berries and whipped cream. What makes pound cake amazing is that it is easy to make and you can just use the ingredients already found in your refrigerator like eggs, sugar, salt and sour cream.

Sour cream in pound cakes add moistness, so you can add vanilla for flavor and sprinkle some nuts or dried fruit if you wish. You can also go for lemon or lime flavors.

Coconut snowballs

Not a fan of cookies? Then change the ingredients and add coconuts instead. Coconut snowball is the perfect dessert for those who are allergic to nuts, those who are vegan and those who are looking for something that is gluten-free.

This fantastic dessert is sweet but does not overwhelm your tongue. It has the right balance of textured coconut and butter. Coconut snowballs are easy to make, fast to assemble and does not require baking, as by You can make as many balls as you want, and they can be paired with coffee or tea.

Lemon marshmallow cake

Are you looking for something zesty? Then lemon marshmallow cake is the right dessert for you. This dessert tastes fresh, is not sweet and perfect for summer parties. You can make it days ahead of a gathering or a party, and it won't go bad.

If you do not want to make it from scratch, you can purchase a lemon curd and put melted marshmallow on top. You can also add fruits on top of the cake to make it more presentable.

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